Zen's transformation item:


It is a hand held trident, minus the body, made of white marble and a handle made of a similar but green substance. On its hilt is a man's face and the sides of the middle spike and the inner sides of the side spikes are blue.


It is conjured from a ball of light or blue flame, upon being squeezed it morphs into the object with the handle being in the owner's hand.


The object is used by squeezing the handle and raising it, the device will glow, with the energy flowing into and merging with the user until it disappears.

Other UsesEdit

  • Weapon: It can be used as a weapon to strike or slash oponents.
  • A torch: It can be used in place of a torch or other light source, the light coming from the face.
  • A light weapon: As light, coming from the blades, can be used against any evil creature

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