Zaji is an ultra that looks like UltraSeven and have ice powers and many other powers.He appears in the manga story 0.He reside in king's Temple as it's resident.


None details.

Body FeaturesEdit

  • Protectors:Like Seven, Zaji possess a protector.
  • Beam Lamp:Zaji has a beam lamp like Seven.
  • Crest Weapon:Zaji has a crest weapon on his head.


  • Ice Barrier (Name Unknown): Zaji can just put his hand and erect and energy field or emit a field from his body. Any projectile that hits this field will stop in its tracks and freeze.
  • Ice Wave (Name Unknown): Zaji can send his energy towards a target with the swing of his hand, creating a wave of quickly forming ice that covers his opponent in very little time.
  • Ice Duplicate (Name Unknown): Zaji can create Ice duplicates of himself, either to dodge, confuse his opponent or to perform the cross slash. His duplicates can move and have the appearance of being real until they are struck and shatter.
    • Cross Slash (Name Unknown): Zaji and his duplicates, all armed with Ice swords dash towards an enemy at high speed slicing their opponent into pieces. 
  • Ice Sword (Name Unknown): Zaji can cover his hand with his Ice breath and morph the ice into a blade. it is sharp and strong enough to cut through a monster without fear of breaking.
    • Double Ice Sword (Name Unknown): Zaji can forge twin blades on his hands.
    • Ice Blade (Name Unknown): Zaji can turn the Ice Sword into an actual sword to be wielded by others.
  • Energy Transfer (Name Unknown): Zaji can restore the energy of another Ultra by using a beam from his Beam Lamp aimed at their color timer.
  • Specium Ray:Zaji can fire the specium Ray like the original Ultraman.By posing his hands in an '+' style.
  • Wide Shot:Zagi can charge his hands and draw energy from his bracelet and charges his protector and pose it in an'L' style ray.
  • Emerium Ray:Zaji can fire the Emerium Ray.
  • Ultra Bracelet:Zaji possess a bracelet in his hand like the other ultras.It has many uses including the firing of the Wide Shot.


  • Unlike his original,Zaji has Ray powers like the original Seven.

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