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Series: Ultraman Zach
Name: Yapool Part 2
Owner: Brian Haughton
Previous Episode: Yapool Part 1
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The following page (Yapool Part 2) is fan fiction, it is in no way an attempt to make profit of any form from Tsuburaya Productions copyrighted characters. It is meant for the enjoyment of other fans of Ultraman and similar copyrighted characters.


For those of you who didn't read the previous episode, here's the link: Yapool Part 1


Yapool: check if he's dead!

Alien Simon: yes master

The Alien went down to Zach's body

Alien Simon: He's dead!

The crowd of monsters cheered

John: No, now we're trapped in this dimension!

Jose: what! Trapped!

Caboose just stood there in silence

Caboose: ok.

John: that means we're stuck here!

Caboose started running and screaming

The Monsters started staring

But just then, th sky began to crack

Now everyone was staring there

An Ultraman stepped in

John: that's...

Jose: Ultraman Zoffy!

Zoffy flew into the arena and crushed the Simon

Zoffy looked around

Zoffy: EDF, step into the arena

The trio walked into the arena

Amy and  Charles flew two VTOLs over Zoffy

John, Jose and Caboose were speechless

John: how'd you find us?

Zoffy: we track all color timers, and if one goes out nowhere in the known universe, we know where to look

Zoffy looked at Yapool

Zoffy knelt down and gave Zach some Light

Zach's eyes lit up, and all his wounds were healed

Ultraman Zach: Sir! Thank you!

Zoffy: Zach, were going to finish off these monsters, together.

Zach: thank you sir!


Six whips with spikes on the end came out of the ground

A Monster rose out of the ground

Yapool: Whipperthorns! Attack! Uzkabek! Attack!

A crocodile-like monster brushed out of the ground

Zach: I take Whipperthorns, you take Uzkabek.

Zoffy nodded

Whipperthorns cut into Zach's chest with his whips

Whipperthorns cut at him again, but Zach caught the whips, and thew Whipperthorns to the ground.

Uzkabek grabbed Zoffy's arms and pinned him to the ground

Zach tore off Whipperthorns' right whips

Whipperthorns roared in pain

Yapool looked at Zach and Zoffy, but this time, he was nervous

Zoffy grabbed Uzkabek's arms and flipped him

Whipperthorns was getting up, so Zach took his chance

Zach shot Uzkabek with the Gallium Ray

Uzkabek exploded, releasing Zoffy

Whipperthorns was up, so he slashed at Zach with his whips

Zach fell over

Zoffy returned the favor and shot Uzkabek with the M87 Ray

Whipperthorns exploded

Yapool: MY GOSH! VakshimVelokron!

This was it, Zach and Zoffy's final battle to get out of here!

Zach: here we go!

Zach got up and leaped onto Vakshim

Zoffy ran over to Velokron and grabbed him with both hands

Amy: we can charge the V-Ray to assist Zoffy!

John: (over radio) good idea, Caboose, Jose and I will assist from the stands, Charles and Amy, you guys are air support!

EDF: yes sir!

Amy: Zoffy! We'll cover you!

John: Zach! We're here to help

The two Ultras nodded at their allies.

Vakshim shoved Zach off and got up

Vakshim blasted Zach with flames

Meanwhile Zoffy had knocked over Velokron

Velokron struggled to stand back up, so Zoffy shot him with the M87 Ray

Velokron grabbed his stomach and roared

Zoffy stomped on Velokron's head, killing him

Zach: Now!

John nodded at Caboose and Jose

John: Combo Shot!

Caboose: I love combos! They're cheesy on the inside and pretzel on the outside!

John: not that kind of combo Caboose

Caboose: oh, well...

John: shut up and fire at Vakshim!

The three members combined the shots from their Photon Lasers and Hit Vakshim in the horn

Vakshim's horn was destroyed

Zach: let's go!

Zach and Zoffy combined  the M87 Ray and the Gallium Ray to kill Vakshim

Vakshim exploded into fantastic explosion

Yapool: fine... Alien Simon! Use Protocol X!

AlIen Simon: Protocol X! Are you sure?!

Yapool: do I look sure to you?!

Alien Simon: yes sir..

Alien Simon pressed a red button

Caboose: did he just press a button? Oh man! I love buttons!

A floating monster head appeared, it had the appearance of a golden Samurai Warrior's head.

Zach: what the..

Then, a giant 4 legged, four armed headless monster rose from the ground

The golden Samurai Head connected to the body

Yapool: meet my Chimera! Ubermons!

Ubermons had the upper body of Vakshim, upper arms of Whipperthorns, lower arms of Doragoris, front legs of Uzkabek, back legs of Bryer, it had six arms on it's back, which were Jokuu's, lower body of Mirajime, back of Velokron, and Fodile's teleportation crystal on it's chest.

Zach and Zoffy: Son of a...

Ubermons whipped them

Zoffy blasted him with the M87 Ray

Ubermons left upper arm took a great deal of damage

Ubermons whipped them again

Zach: unf!

Zoffy: agh!

Ubermns kicked the duo like a horse (Similar to EX Tyrant's kick in FER)

Zoffy fell over, but Zach cought Ubermons' right front leg and shoved the chimera upwards

Zach leaped out of the way before Ubermons fell

Ubermons looked at Zoffy

Zoffy put up his Ultra Shield

Ubermons blasted a beam from it's head so large that if you looked straight at it, you wouldnt see Ubermons' upper body

Zoffy's Ultra Shield stood no chance against Ubermons' Maxonium Beam

after the dust cleared, Ubermons watched Zoffy die

Zoffy: Zach, I need to give you this...

Zoffy took out a sword

Zach: What's that?

Zoffy:The Blade of Light, Ubermons will be an east slaughter with this baby.

Zach: Why didnt you use it in the first place?

Zoffy: Father of Ultra told me only you can use it, and if i did, i would be expelled from the Garrison.

Zach: oh, why do i get it then?

Zoffy: Only the bravest Ultra Warriors can wield one, only few others have one, they are Ultraman, Ultraseven, Ultraman Ace, Ultraman Taro, Ultraman Mebius, Ultraman Zero, and now, you.

Zach: Wow, that's amazing...

Zoffy: i need to leave, one more blow and i'm a dead as the dinosaurs

Zach laughed

Zach took the sword from Zoffy and flew up to look Ubermons right in the eye

Zach took one swing with the blade, and chopped Ubermons' head off.

The monster fell to the ground, and Zach flew over to Yapool

Zach: we're leaving... NOW!

Yapool: Just go... leave... i never want to see you or your friends again!

Zach: Thank you.

Suddenly, the Blade of Light disappeared

Zach: What the...

Zoffy called to Zach as he flew away

Zoffy: you can only use it when I say so, so if you need to, call me up.

Zach and the EDF left Yapool's Dimension, and John asked Zach a question

John: Zach?

Zach: yeah?

John: how did you stay alive for so long?

Zach: willpower.

Jose: willpower?

Zach: if i am willing to do something to the point of risking my life...I can do anything.

Caboose: can you make me pancakes?

Zach: i can do that without will power Caboose.

The team returned ti base, and Max reappeared

Max: that was gruesome, think about how it was to see it firsthand!

The team laughed

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