"Welcome to the terror dome now there's no escape.see what happens when you tug on Superman's cape?accept your fate it's too late to try to save face.i'm gon' leave your @$$ in pieces all over the place."

―Yapool in Episode 55: The Black War

 Yapool s the main antagonist of Ultraman Zach episodes 19 and 20. 

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Gender: Male
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Home world/Origin: Yapool's Dimension
Series: Ultraman Zach
Type: Antagonist
Affiliation The Dark Legion
Created by Brian Haughton

History Edit

Yapool lives in his dimension,  and has an army of Super Monsters called Choju at his disposal. Yapool was ordered to lock the EDF and Ultraman Zach i his dimension to fight his 10 of his most powerful Choju: The 10 Choju of Doom.  Yapool had the 10 torture. Zach until he died. Yapool had Bryer start the fights. Zach was brutally tortured by the 10 monsters, but was killed by Velokron. Luckily Zoffy bought Zach back to life where they fought the remaining Choju. Yapool combined all his Choju into Ubermons, a giant 4 armed, 4 legged Chimera. Zoffy was beaten by Ubermons, and Gave Zach the Blade of Light, where Zach sliced Ubermons' head clean off.

Trivia Edit

  • It is believed that the random and mysterious rapper in Episode 55: The Black War, was Resurrected Yapool.