A Manual of Style and some basic guidelines. Also read these helpful blog posts: Main Characters, On Originality, Enemies/Aliens, Attacks, and Continuity Pages. Be sure to read the Rules.

Grammar and SpellingEdit

While it is understood here that spelling from different areas varies, we should try to avoid "leaving the u out of honor" situations. Use the correct spelling, as far as possible, for your region. To help with this, you can use a browser with a built in spell-checker, suck as Opera, Firefox or Google Chrome. You could also write it up beforehand in a text editor that offers such a function, some computers come pre-installed with Microsoft Word Starter, but alternatives such as Kingsoft Office are nearly as good.

You don't need college level grammar. All modern editions of Microsoft Office (excepting Office Online) offer a build in grammar corrector, but this isn't necessary. Try to remember capitals and periods, at least. Grammatical mistakes are common; most can be easily overlooked. Users, do not be "grammar Nazis." Try to keep criticism, if needed, as friendly and constructive as possible, and never nitpick.

Helpful Wikitext HintsEdit

Only use bold and italics when needed; don't overdo them. Also, keep pages consistent. Don't overdo headings, and never change a font without consulting an admin first.

Most people use the visual editor, I however, prefer to use the source editor; as you can format from the keyboard. Wikia has some great guides on this. Basics are:

'''denotes bold'''

''italic text''

*bullet one

*bullet two

Tablet EditingEdit

While tablets are great for reading, they can be tedious to write with. iOS' auto-correct, while useful, can annoy the duck out of you. Windows Phone has a decent stock keyboard, and apps like swiftkey can improve the writing experience on Android tablets. There are also detachable keyboards available for some devices, such as the Surface and iPad.

Writing on phones is not recommended.


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