The Wiseman's Eye is a body feature that rarely appears on

Ultras. It bears similarities to the Beam Lamp and Ultra Crystal that appears on the foreheads of some Ultras. Like those traits is is housed on the forehead of an Ultra.


The Wiseman's Eye appears as a light on an Ultra's forehead, while it normally appears to shine blue with the Light of Reason it can also change to show the other lights even the light of Nature.


The organ is like a cross between a color timer, a beam lamp and an Ultra Crystal. Inside the light is the energy wave used by Ultras to first transform into Ultras. It also has some similarities to Ultra Eyes which is how it got its name. 


  • ESP: The light can act as an eye, granting a user the full range of Ultra visual abilities. However this must be acquired by training.
  • Feature Enhancement: The Wiseman's is the reason why Orion's Heart Stone increases his internal power.
  • Light Enhancement: The eye enhances certain aspects of the light of nature depending on what light it being shown.
    • Light of Reason: Increases the Ultra's mental and beam abilities without decreasing their physical power.
    • Light of Instinct: Increases the Ultra's physical abilities and endurance without decreasing speed.
    • Light of Nature: This light allows the Ultra to enhance another's life force, assuming they are an Ultra or monster, perhaps even make a humanoid an Ultra, but that is just a theory. On it's own this light increases the life force of the user. This light also allows the user to draw energy from surrounding mana.
  • Power of Ultra: Using particles and light in the environment, a bearer of the Wiseman's Eye can construct the plasma energy that first transformed the Ultras. King can create the True power of Ultra but Orion (during his series) can only create the physical aspect of the energy. Without the spiritual aspect, the field will only revitalize Ultras instead of being able to pass on or enhance Ultra powers.

List of OwnersEdit


  • The Wiseman's Eyes is not a natural body feature, of the two Ultras known to posses it, King gained his through training and study, yet Orion seemingly had it when he became an Ultra. The requirements to gain this feature is a complete understanding of the physical properties of the 'light'.
  • The organ can also be called the Sage's or Philosopher's Eye.
  • The Wiseman's Eye is possibly the reason for Orion's growth in power. It is also the reason for his Berserk Form's Insanity Version

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