The Wings of the Moon are the first pillar of the Ultimate Power, granted to the Satunimist who uses the Keystone of Stephos along with the keystones of the other four pillars. The Wings of the Moon are the power granted by the Ultrawoman Lunam lkeystone.


The wings look very delicate, and are pure silver, with greatly detailed lines and patterns all over. Each of them is about twice as big as the user, and they are resistant to any damage. They shine brightly when in use. 


  • Speed: The Wings grant flight speed far faster than light (suspension of belief, guys!)
  • Sacred Burst: A blast of light gravely wounding even strong beings such as ultras.
  • Fire of Heaven: Darts of white flame which can shower an opponent with deadly homing accuracy. 
  • Strength: The wings themselves are durable and sharp and make excellent weapons. 
  • Orders of God: The Wings grant control over all aspects of weather, such as wind of incredible speed, gravity, rain, water based attacks, sound, air, mist, clouds and suchlike. 

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