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Fan Story
Series: Ultraman Zach
Name: What's So Funny?
Owner: Brian Haughton
Previous Episode: The Double Headed Fire Beast
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At the EDF base:

​John: Everyone, someone just reported that they saw a flying saucer in the sky...

Charles: and we're going to investigate it, blah blah blah.

John: no, I've chose not to believe it.

Jose: and you bringing it up to us why?

John: so you can choose to believe it or not.

Jose: eh, after all the things that happened in the last few days, I'll believe it.

Charles: yeah, me too

The EDF received a transmission

Alien Baltan: people of Earth, I am Alien Baltan, and have a bomb, if you interfere with my plan I will activate it!

Charles: awesome! It's a Baltan! So...awesome.

Jose: you know he might kill us, right? 

Charles: yeah, but it's AWESOME!

Max: sir there is nothing we can do, if we attack the Baltan, he'll detonate the bomb!

Amy: the Baltan is attacking the city right now!

Charles: we can't do anything!

The Baltan attacked for a few minutes, then disappeared.

The citizens began yelling around the EDF base asking why they didn't attack the Baltan.

John: Jose, send a message to all TV screens in the city, saying that the Baltan had a bomb.

Jose: yes sir!

John: Max, if the mob starts trying to open the door, tell me.

Max: yes sir.

Amy: sir, what if the Baltan is trying to trick us? What if it doesn't have a bomb?

John: someone has to investigate.

Max: why are you all looking at me?

John: you're the biggest.

Max: excuse me?!

John: not that kind of big! You're Ultraman Zach!

Max: how did you know?

Amy: who lives through crashing into a monster while blind?

Charles: Ultramen!

Max: Zach and I have conversations about how obvious that was.

Jose: wait, I thought you were one person

Max: We share the same body, but I control it in human form, he controls it in Ultraman form.

Amy: he must not get much exercise

Max: oh, he shrinks to human size at night in ultraman form. He told me he was a regular at McDonald's

Charles: is that why there was a bunch of spiders in my pajama drawer?

Max turns into Ultraman Zach

Zach: yes.

Charles: why you little jerk!

Zach: I can grow and become a big jerk!

Amy: he's funnier than you Max.

Zach turns in Max again

​Max: hey!

John: let's get back on task people, Max and Zach, find out if the Baltan has a bomb.

Max: yes sir!

Max: how do we find a ship that we can't see?

John: hold on, the Baltan's back!

John: Max, never mind, Everyone, VTOL now!

Everyone: yes sir!

Alien Baltan: whaaat!?! No no no! This isn't supposed to happen!

Max: well it's happening!

Alien Baltan: fine I'm leaving!

The Baltan left in his ship, but encountered a monster that was headed for Earth

Alien Baltan: why are you headed for Earth?

The unknown monster roared as the Baltan noticed its dark surged powers

Alien Baltan: wow, imagine what I could do with that power!

The Baltan killed the monster using its claw beams and choking it.

The Darkness entered into the Baltan

Darkness Surged Baltan: Ho ho ho ho

Darkness Surged Baltan: I will return to Earth and attack using my new found powers!

The Baltan returned to Earth, and Max immediately turned into Ultraman Zach to fight the Baltan

Alien Baltan: I am the strongest Dark Surged being yet!

Ultraman Zach: I've only fought one before, that dark surged ultraman.

Alien Baltan: wait, Eleking and Pandon weren't dark surged?

Ultraman Zach: no, but you look powerful.

Alien Baltan: thank you. Ugh! You're getting me off topic!

Ultraman Zach: oh, yeah, let's fight!

​Ultraman Zach grabbed the Baltan's hands, but was blasted away by the Baltan's new Dark Surged beam. Ultraman Zach punched the Baltan and was kicked away into a building

​Alien Baltan: you don't have a chance Ultraman Zach!

Ultraman Zach: Shine Mode!

Ultraman Zach turned into shine mode, a more agile, faster form of himself that uses an Ultra Eye.

Alien Baltan: what! No!

Ultraman Zach: I've got a new beam to test on you, the Shine Ray!

Zach used the Ultra Eye, and the shine Ray killed the Baltan.

Charles: that was awesome!!!!

Jose: Zach's all blue!

Amy: blue is my favorite color!!

John: Zach has unleashed a new ability.

Max: he calls it Shine Mode.

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