The Virus Army consists of a group of corrupted/evil Ultras and several monsters and aliens that made up Virus army. They made their appearance in Ultraman One vs Ultraman Virus The Movie and Ultraman One Season 4. This army has since disbanded in episode 28, with Virus the only member with Belial(whom disappeared to side space world).


First ArmyEdit

Below are members of this army that joined Virus during his journey towards Earth in the solar system and appeared in Ultraman One vs Ultraman Virus: Darkness Corruption. All deceased.

  • Birdon (Evolves into Ex Beast)
  • Gan Q (Evolves into Ex Beast)
  • The Dark Matter: Second commander
  • Alien Temporer: Joined when Virus recruited him
  • Alien Nackle: Joined when Virus recruited him
  • Alien Guts: Joined when Virus recruited him
  • King Joe Pink and King Joe Black: Rebuild/ Recreated by Alien Temporer to join this army as his efforts
  • Ultraman One (Character): Formerly
  • Ultrawoman Lila: Formerly

Second ArmyEdit

Below are members of his second army, instead of joining, they are being revived, Appears in One Season 4. All deceased except for Belial and the former dark Scorpium Ultras.

  • Belial: He left this army in Ultraman One Episode 28 after his battle with Zero. Revived.
    • Darklops: Mindless robots of One and Zero, thousands of them are standing by the ground level of their foetress in Magium World. Contributed by Belial himself, all destroyed when Death Tanothor is created.
  • Ultraman Emperor: Deceased, by the hands of Contrast and releasing the truth of his light in him. He contributed to the army by invading Magium World, turning it in a barren wasteland and building the machine for harvesting Sunriums, creating Darklops and building a foetress.
  • Hell-Death: Soul was collected by Virus.
  • Ex-Elemental Tanothor: Soul was collected by Virus,
  • Zetton Army
  • Death Tanothor: Combined by Hell Death and Ex Elemental Tanothor.

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