A young computers expert and hacker, due to his ego and upbrining is rather withdrawn


A teenager, he has short curly red hair, green eyes. He is handsome but has a cold look and disposition that puts of people. He iss slim with pale skin and a Caucasian background. He is generally seen with his pet black cat

Zwei Era Edit

Vincent is now old enough to be in college.


Vincent is stoic and pessimistic and often feels he has the only right answer. He does not know how to socialize.

Zwei Era Edit

Vincent is more lively and now more athletic, taking part in extreme sports for recreation. He has also become something of a womanizer


A child genius, he was given up to a special institution to raise him to be the next Einstein. He eventually escaped after hacking the institution's security system and lived on his own in the back allies. Eventually he learned that the institution and his parents had been killed by a monster attack, the same monster also attacked the city he lived in and he nearly died if not for STAR efforts in diverting its attention. Since then he joined STAR having found something to do with his life.

Zwei Era Edit

Vincent is now head of STAR's science division, he is responsible for their new gadgets and weaponry

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

  • Hacking:
  • Genius: Vincent has had a hand in designing many of the technology currently used by STAR.

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