Ele velokron
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Gender: male
Height: 55m
Weight: 46t
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Series: Ultraman Element
Type: Super Monster
Affiliation Yapool
Created by Ultramanminecraft
Velokron is a Super Monster created by Yapool and is the first monster Ultraman Element has fought. He appears in episode 1

Subtitle: Missle Super Beast


Height: 55m

Weight: 46,000 t

Powers, AbilitiesEdit

Missles: He can shoot missles from the the two cannons on his shoulders and the 2 rifles on each arm.

Flames: He can shoot a deadly stream of flames from his mouth

Teleportation: He can teleport between his two dimensions

Energy Blasts: He can fire energy blasts from his hands

Tail: His tail indicats how much power he can use for each attack


The first Super Monster sent by Yapool Velokron was sent to desimaste New York City in hopes of surrender. In this fight two crooswalk workers Barry Forrest and Juliana Sugimoto were directing kids were protecting them from oncoming ruble but, were crushed. Suddenly an unknown power came in the form of Ultraman Element asking to uses them as hosts and gave the the Nature Braces. They also join EVT soon afterwards. During the night Velokron would stikr again and start shooting at everything he saw. The two soon turned (for the first time) into Ultraman Element. The monster and Yapool were suprised by this and soon Velokron would start shooting but, only to be deflected of him. The giant soon shot Water Orbs at the monster and after getting him weakened he fired the Element Ray into his chest. Blowing him up like gunpower.


  • The diffrence with this Velokron is he posses canoons on his shoulders and posses rifle like shooters on each arm, he no longer has missle launchers on his fingers and has a tail similar to the Poke'mon Reshiram.