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Gender: None
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Home world/Origin: Earth/Mars
Series: Ultraman Chimera
Type: Robot
Affiliation Unknown Alien
Created by Zombiejiger
V-King is a kaiju from Ultraman Chimera.

Subtitle: Viking Probe Robot

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

V-King 1Edit

  • Energy Rays: V-King can fire energy rays from its antenna.
  • Energy Reflection: Using the radar dish mounted on his back, V-King can reflect attacks.
  • Scan: V-King can scan computers to gain information.

V-King 2Edit

  • Energy Bolts: V-King 2 can fire energy bolts from its antenna.


V-King 1Edit

V-King started out as a probe (Viking 1) sent to Mars on August 20, 1975. After landing on Mars, an alien being discovered it and took control of it, transforming it into V-King. It then set of for its body's place of creation: Earth.

V-King 2Edit

The second V-King was created from the Viking 2 probe, having merged with another alien of the same species as the first. It set out to avenge its fallen comrade, heading to earth. However, it was destroyed faster than the first due to its weaker powers.


  • V-King is based on V'Ger from Star Trek, and Ligatron from Ultraman Tiga. Its head is based on Imperializer from Ultraman Mebius, having a long "neck" and three eyes at the tip.