Hi guys,is me Zhu Huong Ng.I have now learnt to create templates thanks to Zombeigier,thank you very much.Now I have very much stuffs to do,clarify and make improvements to stuffs.I will skip to the point.

Point 1

It is Ultraman One Episode 16,I am stuck at Chapter 7 and I am out of ideas I need some ideas for the next three chapters so I can do the final episode and work on the previous ones and complete this series and start my new series.Guys,please suggestions ideas on the comments below.Thank you.

Point 2

I will giving you guys to suggest the techniques/powers for One Calamity Darkness on the comments below.

Some other ultras of mine you can also suggest the techniques of Ultraman Scept,Ultraman Xena most powerful Attack and Ultraman Contrast(fusions of Xena,One and Giga.

Thanks for reading and I seek your advice

Also,most IMPORTANTLY,the backstory of Ultraman One will be changed to be more original.

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