Hi guys, as you know Ultraman One Season 4 takes place from episode 19-31, and I have did episode 19-22, below is my strategy presentation for my plots and upcoming episodes, what is happening and what events will be occurring. And Yes, One, Cure and Virus are the main characters of this season, the rest are secondary Ultras(characters) New Ultras are Soulless Ultras.

New Forms

  • Cure gains his Ultimate Form
  • One will debuts in his Sluggers Form, his fastest form
  • Celestial, Vader, Lava and Trident will gain dark and corrupted forms of themselves.

New Monsters

  • [[Death Tanothor): A combination of Hell-Death and Gatanothor

Episode 23:Magium World

  • Ultras journey to Magium World
  • Ultra Brothers vs Zetton Army, defeats them and goes to Magium World
  • Dark Sceptor vs

Virus(Father and Son)

  • Ultras arriving to Magium World


  • Soulless Ultras vs Giga, Xena, One, Cure Zero

(This episode will highlights the fears of those Ultras, and how they overcome them)

Episode 25:Facing Destiny

  • Soulless Ultras destroyed by Giga Xena One Zero Cure.
  • Ultra Brothers and all Ultras vs Darklops, destroying the army of Darklops

Episode 26: Wrath of Ex-Tanothor

Virus, Belial and Emperor meets the oppositions. Virus combines Ex Tanothor and Hell-Death to form the ultimate beast, all Ultras will stop it while Cure goes around the universe to reverse Voiderium and the damages caused by the trio of evils.

Episode 27: Native vs Showa

  • Ultra Brothers decides to fight Virus before defeating them with his strength, causing them to revert human forms and watched the battle
  • Celestial fights Zero, Giga vs Trident, One vs Lava and Xena vs Vader and eventually winning

Episode 28: Unsettled Scores

Xena, Giga, One turns into Contrast, kills Emperor permanently. Belial fights Zero.

Episode 29:Sacrifie Part 1

One fights Virus and debuts his newest form but almost got infected by Voiderium again before Curr arrives to challenge his Brother in an ultimate showdown.(Belial destroyed by Zero)

Episode 30: Sacrifie Part 2

Virus vs Cure, unable to convince his Brother, absorbs all Sunriums and blew up himself and the universe. The Messiah arrives to undo the damage caused but loses his Genesis dragon body form and can only continued existing as his stuff of weapon and giving One a portion of his power which One will have to awaken to defeat Evil Messiah.

Episode 31: Fate

Afterward of what happens.

After all this is finished, stay tune for Ultraman One Season 5, The Continued Chronicle and the Ultras journeys to end Evil Messiah. Takes place from episode 32-44, more origins of both Messiahs and Scorpio Nova Galaxy, Cure and Virus stories will continue here. More character development for Celestial, Lava, Trident, Dark Sceptor and reveal of Virus Wife is feature here. Thanks for staying tuned to what happens next. Questions just list them below.