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    Unite! Ultras from (number) Universe: Defeat The Dark Sorcerer Hi guys, a blog here for you guys to submit your characters and ideas you had for a crossover I'm planning.

    Kumasaga, a powerful dark sorcer born from Minus Energy within Geed's universe, after being banished by Ultraman King thousands of years ago, has been monitoring said universe using his abilities, awaiting the moment to strike. After the demise of Belial and Gilbaris, Kumasaga finally decides to make his bid for conquest of Geed's universe, re-entering it and taking possesion of Belial's Riser and Kaiju Capsules, which had been scattered in his death.

    With the situation being quite dire, Genesis Messiah decides to scour the multiverse for heroes to aid in the fight against K…

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    May 24, 2018 by Zhu Huong Ng

    Well guys, I have decided to make wallpapers of Ultras or several stuff. Do enjoy them give just constructive criticism/criticism for me to work on it.

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    April 16, 2018 by Zhu Huong Ng

    Since the last schedule failed, I decided to make this blog to do an experiment of myself once again.

    • 16/4: Job done.
    • 17/4: Finish all the Childrens of Genesis Messiah pages, including the named ones.
    • 18/4: Finish One Episode 35 and start on 36 and 37.
    • 19/4: Scorpium Ultra matters
    • 20/4: Scorpium Ultra matters
    • 21/4: Geed Reboot Matters
    • 22/4: Geed Reboot Matters
    • 23/4: Rest
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    This blog is created based on my next series plan of Ultraman Geed (Reboot Series), which will be worked on after I finished the following: Ultraman One (Continuity), Ultraman One vs Ultraman Virus: Darkness Corruption, Scorpium Ultras: Rise of Good and Evil, Light and Darkness (The Series) and Ultraman Virus: The Aftermath. Though it focus on Geed, several changes will be made. Hope to start this at the end of this year (Early 2019)

    Refer to this page: Ultraman Geed (Reboot Series)

    • For Belial Fusion Monsters or Ultra Fusion Rise Form using Kaiju Capsules, go and submit your creation here: Belial (One Continuity), rules are set and created.

    • Deathre+Groza= Freeze-Death

    • Kei's Belial Fusion Monsters: Submmit your creation here.
    • Ultraman Zanki's Fu…

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    Here are the possible stuff you can put for the Profile section for your Fan Ultras:

    I will be using this format from now on:

    • Human Form or Host: Name of your Ultra Host/Form
    • Homeworld: Where do you Ultra live? Give specify locations here.
    • Transformation Item/Process: What is the item used to transform? What is the process?
    • Grip Strength: How much strength can your Ultra channel? Average is 40, 000 tonnes to 80, 000 tonnes. May be lower for speed Ultras and higher for strength Ultras
    • Brute Strength/Punching: The impact caused by the punch/kick delivered by the respective Ultra.
    • Running Speed: How fast does your Ultra travel? Average: Mach 2-3
    • Underground Travelling Speed: How fast does your Ultra travel underground? Average: Mach 3
    • Underwater Trave…
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