So I have two scripts for my first episode of my ultra series Ultraman Gun (Continuity) here are the two options

1: Gun Shines Towards Earth!The Moving Island!

2: (this is a long one so get prepared) Narrator: A universe where spark dolls dont exist but Ultraman X does and is in the same universe. A attack team complex known as the Aliance is responisblle for portecting the earth.

Narrator:The captain, Alex Nikman, is a 26 year old man who's served The Alliance for 4 years.

Narrator: His Deputy Captain, named Cy-Max, is a cyborg and is a kaiju expert. He gained the nickname Cyborg Scientist from his comrades. Johm is 20 and is a very energetic member always wanting to stop monsters. Madison she is the airplaner of the team and is extremely skilled every since her comrades died in antrartica. Several other members are all over this attack team complex. To many to name.

Alex: That's odd. There's a huge crystal island out there. I think we should go explore it.

John: Alright!

Later at the island A miner, named Jackson Kabuto, looked at the crystal island with a smile on his face.

Jackson: Whoa, this whole island is a crystal! Hey guys! Look at this! We'll be rich!

Jackson began swing his pickaxe.

A load roar came from behind him.

Jackson turned around to see the giant Kaiju Gammendes.

Jackson stared in shock, he didnt run or scream, just stared with horror.

Somewhere near the island The Alliance's ship landed near the island.

The team jumped out.

Alex looked toward the miner, seeing Gammendes.

Alex loaded his weapon the machine gun. Alex: Madison get the plane observe the monster and if he shots lasers or any type of attack shoot!

Madison: On it!

The island began to move.

John: We have to get over there! There's some people there!

They ran to the people.

The kaiju turned to its back it's attention to the team.

It stabbed Alex with his growing crystal, instantly killing him.

Alex awoke inside a shining light.

Alex: What the hell...?

Ultraman Gun: Hello Alex, I'm..

Alex: An Ultra? No way!?

Gun: I'm Ultraman Gun. You're dead Alex, but I arrived just in time to save you.

Alex gave him a confused look.

Gun: I'm one of tbose Earth saving ultras and im on the brink of death so I need to fuse with a human, what this means is that YOU WILL BE ME

Alex: Oh my god a ultra is gonna fuse with me? (thinking: should I risk myself to a powerful Ultra that saved my whole family's lives?)

Gun: So what do you think?

Alex: I'm honored.

Gun passed him two guns.

Gun: These are the Dual Guns. They're your transformation item.

Alex: So, do I get to go back to Earth?

Gun: Of course. Just use the guns.

Alex wakes up and uses the Dual Guns.

John: An Ultra!?

Gun picks up Jackson and puts him in a safe place.

John: Look out! The island is... a monster?

Gun:You mean Gammendes?

Gammendes stood up.

Gammendes charges up to Gun, but Gun dodges.

Gun uses the Ultra Sclicer to slice off Gammendes' back crystals

(Gun uses the Glide Shot to destroy Gammendes)

Gun destroyed Gammendes.

Gun flew away.

Alex came up from behind the team.

Alex: Who do you think was his host?


Alex: Yup and not just his host I am him now so anything I do is what Gun with remember

John: THat means everytime Gun must stay at M78 you'll stay there?

Alex: Not M78 but yea tell the others about this I have no idea why they keep it a secret.

Later... Robert: So you discovered this island?

Alex:Yeah. Well it was a kaiju. I turned into myself GUn.

Robert: Cool I never knew you where a Ultra

John: I have some good news. Jackson, the miner guy is joining our team.

Robert:Finally a new member!

Jackson walked into the room wearing a new uniform.

Jackson: Guys, we've got some issues.


Jackson: It's a Kaiju!

Alex:How did that happen?

Voice: I made it happen!

Alex :Alien Cool?

Alien cool: My name is Gammel. I decided to whip up a few monsters to attack Earth just for my ammusement.

Alex: Robert!Get on a plane, take some military troops and go!

Robert: Yes sir!

Cy-Max: It says here the Kaiju goes by Zambolar.

Robert: A yes that kajiu burned by Grandparent's house! Ill get him good.

The planes landed Robert : Troops, Zambolar's weak spots are it's eyes! === Troops shoot Zambolar in the eyes.

Robert: 6 troops are dead. This thing shoots fire!

Back at HQ Alex: The troops are falling, we need to get down there!

John: On it!

Alex turns into Gun)

Cy-Max and Jackson: Alex!

Gun does a beam attack on Zambolar.

Zambolar gets body slammed by Gun

Zambolar then hits Gun with his 10,000 degree flame right in the color timer.

A weakness for Gun is that if to much heat hits the color timer it will blink insantly.

Narrator: Gun as only 3.5 minutes of light in the timer! What will happen next? Find out next episode!

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