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aka wha? im not saying!

  • I live in US of A
  • I was born on April 1
  • My occupation is i like tv
  • I am male
  • WBC the Seijin Fan
  that is freaking hilarious and this:

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  • WBC the Seijin Fan

    Im Back

    May 26, 2017 by WBC the Seijin Fan

    I made this blog post on the Ultraman wiki a couple minutes ago and yes I will try to join chat tonight. 

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  • WBC the Seijin Fan

    Which Script?

    January 28, 2017 by WBC the Seijin Fan

    So I have two scripts for my first episode of my ultra series Ultraman Gun (Continuity) here are the two options

    1: Gun Shines Towards Earth!The Moving Island!

    2: (this is a long one so get prepared) Narrator: A universe where spark dolls dont exist but Ultraman X does and is in the same universe. A attack team complex known as the Aliance is responisblle for portecting the earth.

    Narrator:The captain, Alex Nikman, is a 26 year old man who's served The Alliance for 4 years.

    Narrator: His Deputy Captain, named Cy-Max, is a cyborg and is a kaiju expert. He gained the nickname Cyborg Scientist from his comrades. Johm is 20 and is a very energetic member always wanting to stop monsters. Madison she is the airplaner of the team and is extremely sk…

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  • WBC the Seijin Fan

    Taking a Break

    January 6, 2017 by WBC the Seijin Fan

    Now, I have been on live chat for the past month and although it is a funny and crazy place. I sadly need to take a short break. I want to make a better wiki. I want to organize it so I don't know how long this break will be but yea. Bye for a while.

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  • WBC the Seijin Fan

    Now I have the episode after Ace vs. Watermons! Planned out and SPOLIER will contain a reionyx just I don't know which one and if you dont know the results look them up on the ultraman wiki. This ends on the 12:00am CST 28th of December. Alright voting as ended alien atler won, by 100% aaa Reionyx Aliens Alien Medusa Alien Water (to put him earlier in the episode) Alien Baltan (i know SOOO ORIGINAL) Alien Atler >

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