Ultraman Life

aka Call me UL

  • I live in The UK
  • I was born on September 30
  • My occupation is Teenager, Coder, Lover of Obscurity, Probably some other stuff too
  • I am A Masculine Man-thing (I hope so anyway)
  • Ultraman Life

    How-do. Some may know me, some may not as I spend a majority of my time on the original wiki. For those who don't, I'm UL, a fan of the series and lover of finding old toku shows and stories that have been lost to time (Captain Ultra, Silver Kamen, Mitsurugi, etc.). I am making this to propose to you of a collaborative crossover universe idea that would be posted across the Ultraman and Godzilla Aminos.

    Amino is a free community app for apple and android devices where people post anything they want on the community(ies) they join. Each community has it's own focal point that any posts should be aimed towards, some are more lenient about this then others. These can be blogs, questions to the community, polls, quizzes and more. I thoroughly r…

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