Hey everyone.

In another blog post I mention about a little series I might be doing. A fan crossover miniseries. However that post contains incomplete information, and I want to clear things up a bit.

If you want to make this little project work by adding your ultra(No Super Ultras or OP fusions!) to the series, make a comment with these details(some links would be helpful):

  • Ultra's name: Your Ultra's name here
  • Forms: Alternate forms of your Ultra that you would like to see appear in this series. Please no super/ultimate forms simply because they're too OP though I may consider them for the finale.
  • Series: The series your Ultra appears in. Once again, a link would be helpful
  • Title: a little title for your ultra
  • Inspirational message: Needs to be something realted to the theme of their series...please?
  • Cooperation: whether your ultra decides to help the main character or not
  • Monster appearance: A monster/alien/dark ultra/villain from yor Ultra series. Nothing too OP please.

The plot is very simple.

Long ago, a being of darkness plunged many worlds into infinite and everlasting darkness, and several heroes known as the Great Ultra Heroes team up to defeat him. Eventually they do and seal the dark being in a pocket dimension.

This being of darkness is unleashed from his seal after millions of years and a lone Ultra fights him and loses. However, he didn't just lose the battle, he lost all his powers as well. After his "death" he drifts off into a wormhole that leads him to a pocket dimension, where he awakens and finds himself in a temple of some sort.

In that temple, he finds a strange bracelet. Of course the main character puts it on.

What's special about this bracelet is that it allows the user to use the powers and abilities of the Great Ultra Heroes. That sounds really generic so I made it so that their powers have to be unlocked, either by forcefully taking the Ultra's powers or having them willingly give their strength.

In that same temple, there is a room with monoliths, each one representing another Ultra. These monoliths bring the main character into a sort of sub-space, a Monolith World, where he will meet up with one of the Great Ultra Heroes to either help them or destroy them. However these versions of the Great Ultra Heroes do not know that the dark being has been released, resulting in some of them not willing to help the main character.

One by one, the main character goes through all the Monolith Worlds until he eventually gains all the power he need to defeat the dark being and that will be the end of the series.

More info can be found by checking out the pages with the Ultraman Odyssey category.

Thanks for reading (if you did)!

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