• UltraGrenburr12678

    A certain user has been causing us trouble and I would like to appeal for a ban. Offenses include, but are not limited to:

    • Being underaged: The user is under 13 years of age and thus should NOT have a Fandom/Wikia account.
    • Disrespecting admins: Multiple occassions.
    • Theft of others' creations: The user has, at least 4 times, used the works of others on their pages, without permission.
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  • UltraGrenburr12678

    This blog post contains plot points for the Taisen spin-off, so it goes without saying that this will have a lot of spoilers. If you are, at all, going to read the piece, I would suggest avoiding this post.

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  • UltraGrenburr12678

    With the recent influx of sub-par, effortless parodies, many users have statrted to associate them with cringe-humour, which is...quite true. As a result, parodies are generally not wlecome onto this wiki any longer, to prevent flooding of pages and to keep this wiki a little more sane and coherent.

    Now, you might be thinking, "HEY I MADE A FEW PAGES PLEASE DON'T DELETE THEM", some of them WILL be deleted without a doubt, but deleted pages will be moved here. From now on, parodies will have to be done there, unless they are well constructed and/or entertaining (one such example is Ultra 101).

    As for admins, I'm the only one there so far, but I will recruit a few if you meet certain criteria and requirements.

    The wiki is still under developmen…

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  • UltraGrenburr12678


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  • UltraGrenburr12678

    Let's all get together and make a crossover of our fan Ultras in one horrible fan movie in which the good guys fight each other without a good explanation and then team up against a common enemy, exessive characters, a terrible resolution and of course a one shot nonsensical overpowered new form pulled out of nowhere to sell toys. Who's with me?

    Participants (Prepare for a really long list)

    • All Tsuburaya Ultras
    • UltraGrenburr12678
      • Ultraman Axel
      • Ultraman Card
      • Ultraman X-0
      • Ultraman Xead
    • GaiTheGuy
      • Ultraman Fury
    • Cdrzillafanon
      • Ultraman Legacy
      • Ultraman Sect
      • Ultraman Flame
      • Shining Shining Zero
      • Ultraman Nerf
      • Ultraman Astro
      • Ultraman Neo Xenon
      • Ultraman Average
    • Crazybeard1234
      • Ultraman Eclipse
    • FlurrTheGamerMixel
      • Ultraman Renius
      • H…
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