A bit back, I offered drawing concept art for Hoshino, and after polishing my skills with drawing Ultramen (thank you Hero Magazine), and after a bit of trial and error, I came up with these sketches for the main three in the Ultra Trinity.



Pyro. Main influences include Tiga and Nexus. He was the first I drew.

Hoshino just told me to go with whatever, but keep an armored look. I tried to recreate the energy canal idea for the color timers, but that didn't work out too well and they all ended up looking like part of his markings. The lower right sketch is Pyro using his finisher beam, which is in an X shape. He uses a flare like the Beta Capsule to transform. As you can see the item carries some aesthetics from the Ultra's armor.



Aero's armor is a lot more sharp looking. He's a more energetic fighter, hence his pose to the rigt. Influences include Seven and Noa.

This second one took the longest time to complete. I had issues creating the solar panels on his chest, so Hoshino had to put them in for me. He transforms with a wrist item ala Agul, and once again his armor pattern can be found upon the item (subtle, I know). His finisher is like the Ultra-Cutter. He, sadly, has the least amount of mini-sketches to complement the final picture, though he does have a larger one than others.



No, those are not Wolverine claws, rather Ice(?) kunai. Influences include Dyna and Rutia. ...I forgot to sign this one, didn't I?

Nero took the most time to develop as a whole. For starters, I'm not that good at drawing females. On the other hand, Ultras were still kinky for me, so my first few attempts shall not be spoken of. We originally were going something like Amia's hair from Joneus, but that just didn't turn out well. After several headaches, Hoshino told me one thing;

"Specium Hair."

That solved all my issues, granted I had to look at my copy of Manga Mania to get an idea how to draw her... shape. Nero lacks the more armored look of her two predecessors, but makes up for it in detail. She uses a pendant to transform that keeps the Psyga symbol found around her timer. Her finisher is much like Gaia's and Agul's. It's not often that I feel good about my drawings of females.

And there you have it. Concept for the Ultra Trinity. Now you finally know how they look. Now then, I have other Ultra-related projects to work on...

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