HELLO MY COMPATRIOTS! ULTRASTORM IS HERE! a new ultraman crossover series i plan to make, i want to make a gigantic crossover/rp episode that everyone can respond to..from time, to time, and to time.

FIRST i present that this can be interpreted as an RP and a series we can all write in

Idea/Concepts Board

OKAY this board is filled with concepts and ideas you can lend to here. seeing as how the special revolves around several ultras. This is also where i can approve your concepts and let you help in the crossover.

I'll present my main antagonist, Wrathos, he's essentially trying to start a large all-out war between alien races(including ultramen) so he can let them destroy themselves, all because of the Multiverse giving retribution to his past acts, such as killing Ikern(A devourer of reality who was a hero at that time before he got turned into a zombie.)


HERE are my five simple rules..

  • Series and Ultraman has to have a page, NO BUTS!
  • I accept Ultraman who tend to be powerful, but notice that each episode will have the villain being stronger than the hero in some case.
  • No insulting/flame wars, i hate the idea of the folks here fighting in a flame war..or people getting butthurt.
  • Dont override the plot unless you have my permission, I HAVE ONLY TWO JOBS HERE! D:.
  • No other crossover material outside of ultraman(Godzilla, Kamen Rider, Gamera) characters like, Fireman, Jumborg, Redman, Mirrorman are accepted.

​Accepted and Form

This is where you can get accepted and stuff. NOTE: 2 Ultras are only allowed in the choose WISELY, during production you can switch some out


  • Thaxander12

The form is as followed, also remove the dashes


-Name-: What they go by, nicknames allowed

-Special Ability-(Something they can do that most other ultramen couldnt do in some case, or something new that other ultramen havent done)


-Rogues gallery-: I like using this term! XD, anyways the rogues gallery are any characters who could be accepted, i kinda think as writers on ultrafan we can all team up and revive our old villains back as a team of enemies of sorts(If not there's always a B plot..or you can submit concepts, dark ultras allowed)

-Moveset-: List all your moves in form

-Dimensions-: Are they from any alternate universes or timelines?, if so please explain.

-Series- Link series here

-Disadvantage and Advantage-: Do they have any weaknesses? do they have any advantages of sorts?


OKAY! here is the Q/A for questions and answers..also since this is my first crossover i'd like for you guys to message me about it ;-; im just so excited and sad it'll fail at the same time!

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