aka Telako

  • I live in Dixie's Land
  • I was born on June 19
  • My occupation is Student, RPer
  • I am Male
  • Telako

    I'm returning!

    July 20, 2016 by Telako

    After a super long hiatus..I'm back and gonna continue to work on Haruhiko and other Ultra stuff, was just announcing that as I've been inactive for quite a looooong time.

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  • Telako


    February 28, 2015 by Telako

    I know about 12 days ago I think it was? I said I was leaving this wiki, well that was because I lost intrest in kaiju and Ultraman. I have this weird phase thing, when I like DBZ, lose intrest and like kaiju, then lose intrest and like the Animal Kingdom, and repeats.. So yea..i'm kinda weird, but all I wanted to say is i'm back and probably going to continue Haruhiko and other things on here.

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  • Telako

    Im leaving this wiki.

    February 14, 2015 by Telako

    Hello, my name is Telako. Some of you may know me as the creator of the Ultraman Haruhiko series. I am writing this blog post to tell you that I will be quitting this wiki..I never really was active anyways. This means that episode 7 of Ultraman Haruhiko will never be finshed, and the series is cancelled/will never be continued. I do not care if you use any of my kaiju/ultra's in any of your series, spinoffs or whatever. I might come on, but only to check this blog post and thats it. Farewell everyone.

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