I need two more characters in the originality competition before voting can begin. As the deadline has passed, please enter the characters in the comments. First come, first served. Remember: four characters per person, two per series. Anything on a continuity page. However, separate series in the same or nearly same continuity are separate; such as Stephos and Ultraman Moedari. Only two more characters can be permitted in.

  • Can be any species, but must be sentient.
  • Ultraman and their hosts may count as separate characters; i.e. Jake and Moedari are different, but Lunaram and Kandakai can be lumped together.
  • You can promote your characters, and vote for them, but avoid spamming and unfair voting. If your character may be less original, discuss it with someone, and decide based on that.
  • If you don't have any original characters, don't give up! We can have future challenges based on character art, writing quality, dialogue quality, fan tribute, in fact nearly anything under the sun.
  • If you have two pages for someone who is one character (Father Leo and Ultraman Lugeno are different forms of the same being; Leo is not a host) add them both, but clarify.

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