"If you plan to create/post Mature Content, you are asked that the material be an implicit nature, as in not directly stated, or please put a Mature Content Warning Label and Category on your page. Since this site is for Ultraman Fan Fiction we expect younger users to visit our site, so we are trying to balance between being responsible for them and at the same time not stifle your rights at creating."

―Ultrafan Wiki Rules

Well, Template:Series Info has been sitting on the Moedari and Zach series pages for a while, just to give a general rating. (in the preview it looks bad, but looks better on the page.)

Fiction Rating{{{FictionRating}}}

{{{Generalized description of Fiction Rating}}}

Warnings: {{{Warnings}}}

Categories: {{{Categories}}}

Smoking/Alcohol: {{{Smoking or Drinking}}}

Violence: {{{Violence}}}

Crude Humor: {{{Crude Humor}}}

Sexuality: {{{Sexuality}}}

And here's Template:Episode warning for a few episodes of Legend of Lugen (Why do you think Lugen-o wants to "fix" the world?)


This episode has been marked as mature or teen rated due to {{{rating reason}}}. Please do not read without parental/guardian consent if you are under the age of {{{age rating}}}.

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