Less than a day after creating the gallery of Argentium, I have obtained two requests to draw pictures like that for others. I am fully willing to do this for everyone, but from now on, I shall have some guidlines for you to follow. 

  • Leave a message on my wall. If you ask somewhere else, you may not be noticed. 
  • Make a page describing the galaxy, planet, ect before asking a picture. I can't read your mind, at least not over a computer. You can also ask for some random planets I made myself which I have't used; I did this for Zombiejiger. In fact, its easy, if you have a few planets, to do the designing youself. 

Designing your own

PixlrThis is very easy to do. If you want to really go hardcore, design your own planets. These aren't hard to make, and you don't need to pay for anything. This tutorial is how I learned. This can be difficult however; it took me hours to make my first, and rather pathetic, planet. (see it here)

The other thing you can do is get me to send you some transparent planet files. These are premade planets. Then go to Pixlr Express, a free online image editor. I design the backgrounds in Pixlr. Search Google or Bing images for a starfield, or plain black background. Alternativly, you could download this package, which contains 140 images, many of which you can, and I do, use as backgrounds. 

In the overlay section, you can use all sorts of space/starfield backgrounds to get a desired look. Play around with it, look in the "effects" section for all sorts of neat minor modifications. When its ready, go to the main screen and click "add image." A dialogue will come up. Select the planet you want (just ask me for some planets!) and click open. You can move the planet about on the thing, resize it, have fun! Then click Apply. Add as many planets as you want. To make it look smoother, go to the "effects" setting and choose one. This will keep the planets from looking pasted in.  Have fun with that. Its not that hard at all. 

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