The following will continue as charitably as possible, and I hope the bible study I've been doing lately will help.

As Father Leo would say, Holy Week is looming ahead, and then there's Easter Sunday! But first, off course, he has to do the 90 minute Palm Sunday mass, the two hour Holy Thursday Mass, the three hour Good Friday service, and then the four hour Easter Vigil at ten o'clock at night, on Holy Saturday. Then he'll have to wake up for a low mass on Easter Sunday, or maybe, if he's really brave, he'll also do a Sung Mass. 

Meanwhile, Hoshino has pointed out multiple times that originality is slightly lacking on this wiki. While the former statement may be something of an euphemism, it is nevertheless true. And there really isn't a better time to work on it, as Passion Sunday was yesterday, along with a long Epistle, which was nothing like the readings for the Tridium. 

While some "tribute" is quite nice (Ultraman Draco's tribute to Den-O and Beast wasn't that overdone) and my own Ultraman Moedari borrows from Ultraman Mebius, there is a somewhat grey line between "artistic copying" and "blatant rip-off."

Take SolZen's Ultraman Orion. The similarities between Ultraman Nexus are striking, but there is an interesting and original protagonist, imaginative backstory, and better villains. The concept of King living outside the "alternate incarnation" of the Land of Light (sorry SolZen, but I just happened to figure our Argentium is also an alternate incarnation of M78), is a novel idea. The Ultra's land is no longer m78, but a unique and well portrayed world. 

We're not asking for A-class work, but only releasing imagination a bit more. It can be hard, granted, to stay fresh. You have to remember that the makers of Ultraman and Kamen Rider can scarcely be said to be the most original in the world, even if the majority of the series are fresh. Its fine to have series like Ultraman Reuz and Ultraman One, they help one enjoy Tsuburya's series more, but that shouldn't carry over to the Heroes of Light or other series. 

Some Suggestions

To encourage originality, I have two propositions. One of them is good, and the other is quite laughable, and really isn't that much of a sugestion. 

To encourage good dialogue, we should have a featured quote section on the main page. A random user would pick his favorite quote from another person's work, and the title and feature would be awarded. This could be humour, like Ultra 101, or even one from the Father of Darkness himself. 

The poor suggestion is to have a series of democratic competitions based on originality, like a mini-Oscars for originality. Please don't laugh.

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