So this is a three part update. I haven't had time for much updating lately, but I plan to post some stuff soon.

1. Moedari

I may (may) go back and edit a few episodes to make some plot points clearer. You don't need to reread it or anything if and when I do.

Ultrafan Mashup

Hoshino and I have been working on the Society X plotline lately, and by lately I mean it was some time ago that we got it planned out. I'm working on a fuller coverage of th plot (which will have many of User_blog:DucantheChoju/Choju's_Ultra-Fan_Mashup_Mini-Series_Crossover_Storyline|DucantheChoju's outline]]'s elements in it, but will have some major differences too.) I plan to send that to Hoshino sometime... soon? and get to work on the crossover. I do have plans but not much time!

Ultra S

I have a lot planned for this series, but it's much more difficult to write than Moedari was. The plot is very different, despite some minor similarities it's much less Madoka-like. The ending is a major twist which will either have everyone going "wat" or "I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING" or "I knew that already."

The reason it's so difficult is the tone: it's supposed to feel surreal, the humour, the serious moments, the motives of the characters, everything is supposed to be surreal. That's why the character designs and powers are goofy but with a "class:" attacks based on classical music and Greek plays. That's why there's so much text in foreign languages.

It'll be interesting to see how this one turns out!

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