Only after I decided to write this like the bible, did I realize it could be interpreted like the bible: a thousand different ways! Here's some clarification on some parts of Stephos. 

Stephos 1:19-20

 So the Sollux prospered, and grew strong, and their name was renowned throughout the omniverse, before the distribution of the light and the separation of the worlds. And everything was one great continuity, with neither a break, nor any disturbance. 

And it was in this time that the evil was to come, which would bring about the breaking of the Great Continuity and the hiding of the light.

This refers to before Chaos and before most of the "light." Then there were no different continuities. 

Stephos 2:1

From earth did come the power and love of evil; and it was the inhabitants of earth that unleashed it; and it gave seed to the Father of Darkness. From the snake was unleashed a desire for power; and that power which corrupteth that which is good. 

The Father of Darkness is not from earth, but he did feed on evil which came from earth. 

Stephos 2:4

Great were they that walked in those days; all the seed of, but not all servants of the Father of Darkness. And they were evil; they that are now called Great and worshipped by the apostate mind. 

These creatures were caused by the Father of Darkness, but did not ally themselves to him. 

Stephos 2:14-15

 And this was agreed upon, the the Great Continuity was broken, and many universes formed. These were set apart into groups, for order is the weapon of good. And now these groups are named multiverses.

But it was all in vain; for evil was strong above time, and the darkness is ever plotting revenge against the woman. Time is but a mode of thought, and when it ends, so will a new omniverse be established.

This just makes more chaos; they were well meaning, but splitting up time is never a good idea. 

Stephos 2:16-17

So they set apart an innocent multiverse, with a few others. Little evil had touched it, and there were no monsters, nor things evil.

And they sealed it with a terrible seal, stronger than any mind, and their energy was spent in the making. If one has strength, let him see the might of the confines of time. And in their might, he may be humbled, so as to not allow his mind to outgrow his strength.

They're sealing away the multiverses that don't have monsters, like ours. (sort of.. Maybe ours would be secondus.)

Stephos 2:18

So the Sollux went to war with them that are now only named, and then in secret, lest their powers should be unleashed to the ruin of all.

The part about them only being named is in the time of Argentium; after the Heroes of Light. 

Stephos 2:19

That is not dead which can forever lie, and in strange aeons even death may die. For they will be unleashed upon Dies Irae (note: read The Day of Wrath'), when the omniverse will be consummated in fire, and time shall cease to flow.

This ties into the final part of Ultraman Moedari. Ultraman Lugeno already quoted Dies Irae and Call of Cthlulu, and I have big plans for him character-wise, all of which ties into this. Also, this is written from his point of view, as he recorded history books for Argentium. 

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