Character Originality Competition
For Previous Round Results, please look here
Ultraman Orion vs Tracy Wells: 
Orion; 8, Tracy: 6
Ultraman Lugeno vs Orochi-Bagan
Lugeno: 8, Orochi-Bagan: 6
      Of all the things I was expecting, Tracy Wells pwning so hard was the least. And remember, losers in this round compete for third place in the final.
     Its time for the third round of the Competition. Please read the following guidlines before participating; its no fun if no one follows the rules!
      Remember that the more original characters may not be the ones you like more; a person may hate Ultraman Nexus (not very likely, but an apt example) and Ultraman Jack may be his favorite series (We're talking about a person with strange tastes) but no one can deny that Nexus' series is far more original than Jack's. 
      Yes, you can vote for your own characters, but  please vote fairly. Remember, the differences are bound to be far more subtle than those between Jack and Nexus. You can discuss and compare with others on the wiki; we're all more than willing! 
      If you don't know a competitor, take time to read their pages. Its good to read some of the series to, but that's not needed. Not everyone puts backstory on their pages, however, and both backstory and personality can influence a vote.
     Most characters have their own pages which you can reach by searching, but their are a few exceptions. I'm linking to them here:  Orochi-Bagan 
Voting Section
Ultraman Orion vs Tracy Wells

The poll was created at 05:05 on May 12, 2014, and so far 15 people voted.
Ultraman Lugeno/Father Leo vs Orochi-Bagan

The poll was created at 05:06 on May 12, 2014, and so far 15 people voted.
Remember that you can always have a friendly discussion on whom to vote for.

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