Lunaram Regina

Her Regina form picture is based on the picture of Ducera, showing her in a huge ball of energy. You can see several galaxies in here, including Phad, Deneb, Mimosa, Kraz, Alfirk, Ankaa and a few others. If you can't see them, the light may be hiding them.

Well, Lunaram has her final form, and I'm pretty low on ideas for her attacks. She isn't as powerful as Lugeno's lockseed forms: she only beat him because he used up a lot of energy. 

Still, in terms of natural strength, she is the most powerful in Moedari. Her power is literally that of the stars and moons. 

You can give me attacks here, preferably energy or light based but other attacks are accepted. 

Attack authors will get a mention on her page, and on the continuity page for Ultraman Moedari. 

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