Ultra s
As you know, Ultraman Moedari is coming to an end. It's been good, and I hoped you enjoyed. Now for a little story:

There once was a man who spent way much time watching television, and was nerdy about the wierdest things possible. Perhaps the things were not wierd in themselves, but the combination was: tokusatsu, Latin, Opera, Linux, Greek, Christian History and tea. One day, after watching Strauss' masterpiece, Die Fledermaus, and then digging up a few episodes of Ultra Q, he was inspired in an odd way.

So came about my idea for Ultra S, which may or may not become reality. BTW, I highly recommend Die Fledermaus, it'll have you in stiches by the end and the music is amazing. I may not work on it for a while, as I have Legend of Lugen and Song of Silver to finish up as well.

Suggestions welcome.

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