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  • Stephan222

    What Is Ultraman?

    January 26, 2016 by Stephan222

    The reason I'm making this post is because this is an Ultraman fanfiction wiki, and Ultraman as a whole follows a fairly specific format and thematic style which separates it from series like Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, ect, and keeps it distinct and unique. There's no harm in moving away from this formula, but one should first be aware it exists. So I decided to ask, "What is Ultraman?" to help us to think about how an Ultraman fanfiction should be written.

    Believe it or not, a giant hero is not a requisite for Ultra, which started out with Ultra Q and still has series like Neo Ultra Q or spinoffs like Ultra Galaxy which do not feature Ultramen or keep them in the background compared to your average tokusatsu hero series. If a giant hero isn…

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  • Stephan222

    If y'all can decide on several kaiju/aliens, whether from fanfictions on this wiki or from the original series, Hoshino and I can try to work them in somehow! I already have some ideas for future episodes, but I'm not against adding some which you choose.

    Please keep the numbers fairly low, excess can get minor cameos but I can't work in a ton. We'll see how it turns out!

    No kaiju or aliens made specifically for this event, please, only ones which have starred in other series, whether fanmade or officiale.

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  • Stephan222

    Break Time 08

    August 2, 2015 by Stephan222

    I have two questions today, just a little thing I was wondering.

    1. Saddest/most touching moments from the official series?

    2. Saddest/most touching moments from fanfic on this very wiki?

    Ultra isn't known for tragedy, but even Max and Mebi had really sad episodes. Like the one with Alien Neril n the former.

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  • Stephan222

    Serious Series Tips

    July 14, 2015 by Stephan222

    Serious series (such as Ultraman Nexus or Kamen Rider Kuuga) can be done very well at times, but a prevailing notion is that darker=better. I've seen this recently with Kamen Rider Gaim, which had a great plot (if suspiciously similar to PMMM) with beautiful designs but a lack of characterization and decent female characters. There is also nothing wrong with lighthearted series such as Den-o or Max or series which are in between like Ultraman Tiga.

    So here I'm going to put in a few problems "darker" series often run into which should be avoided if possible.

    • fridging: "Fridging" is a term used to refer to killing off female members of the cast to create drama. It is usually looked upon as cheap and weak writing. It's fine to kill off any char…
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  • Stephan222

    So this is a three part update. I haven't had time for much updating lately, but I plan to post some stuff soon.

    I may (may) go back and edit a few episodes to make some plot points clearer. You don't need to reread it or anything if and when I do.

    Hoshino and I have been working on the Society X plotline lately, and by lately I mean it was some time ago that we got it planned out. I'm working on a fuller coverage of th plot (which will have many of User_blog:DucantheChoju/Choju's_Ultra-Fan_Mashup_Mini-Series_Crossover_Storyline|DucantheChoju's outline]]'s elements in it, but will have some major differences too.) I plan to send that to Hoshino sometime... soon? and get to work on the crossover. I do have plans but not much time!

    I have a lot…

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