aka Absolhunter251

  • I live in Ophidia/Gunma universe
  • I was born on November 18
  • My occupation is Drawing, Student, Creator of my wiki
  • I am Female
  • SonicKnucklesFan92

    Hey guys! Well I was thinking and I thought I ask all of you, which is your favorite I made in characters thus far and why are they your favoprite? Also, if you got anything you think can give me a boost in maybe filling out more of the page with info, I'll gladly take the help!

    in other news, third issue was great! And oh boy, the ending got me wondering who is this guy?! Can't wait for the 4th one and I wonder when the new ultra film is coming out, but if I recall, isn't there this other movie or tv show that is coming out soon? Correct me if I'm wrong!

    But see you later! - SKF

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  • SonicKnucklesFan92

    Hey guys! I thought I update and boy, I wanna get working on my characters, but been busy. Anyway I got the second volume of the new ultra manga, and I love it!! It's awesome! I can't wait for the third one! So, happy belated New Years and I hope to update since I got some ideas now. See you soon!

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  • SonicKnucklesFan92

    just an update

    October 10, 2015 by SonicKnucklesFan92

    Hi guys! I thought I update, ya know, to kinda show i'm alive. hahaha.  but just been busy.

    but do any of you know when or how I can see when the new manga is out? vol. 2 I can't wait to read more. 

    anyway the new ultraman film  I wanna see it and also the gamera film too!  did you guys see the trailers yet?

    see ya around!



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  • SonicKnucklesFan92

    Hi guys! I feel really great today! I got the new ultraman manga! The new one a kinda I guess reboot or new generation? But still I can't wait to read it and it looks cool. Kinda reminds me of a mech like ultraman.

    In other news, I am thinking of making an fan game. An ultraman game, since I'm going to be making games. :) it's going to be like the snes style, hence gila's appearance :3

    See ya guys!

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  • SonicKnucklesFan92

    Hey Guys, well i'm Having a hard time thinking on a name for my ultraman oc, I already got his host, but I need a name for my ultraman light warrior who sees good in my host, and fights Gila.

    any suggestions?

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