Hey guys, SolZen here...

So firstly, my main character from Mythic Theater, the member of the Emerald Tribe, Zen, he needs an in story codename for the military to use. If you have any suggestions drop it down below.

Secondly, I will be doing mainly Mythic Theater as I world/lore building/plotting for Ultraman Myth.

The Super Robot Fan Event, entry for fan made robots is over, (which was rather disappointing, save for Zombiejiger, seriously I even made a poll blog to help you just make one...sigh) and after I have finished profiles for the robots, I will start the pollss/event. (hopefully this won't turn out like Darkness War, wow I'm being rather negative lately, but I digress) I may put up the even page later today.

Finally, I will be working on the Orion move/special. It is between Mythic theater and this.

Well thanks and remember...keep the Light of Ultra in your hearts! (Note to self, come up with original catchprase)

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