You, don't have read this, it doesn't matter, but this is something that has been nagging me and I feel like letting it out.

On so many other Fan Fiction sites I have been to, there is a problem, not really a problem for those sites, but a problem for my own personal tastes. People make fan fiction on those sites, of course, they are fan fiction Wikis, but there is a big difference between them and Ultra Fan.

In the beginning, Ultra Fan wasn't any different, if you could go and find the oldest pages you would see, people wrote down their fan fiction, in the same style as the official wiki, they wrote them down as movies, with plots and whatnot.

On the Godzilla fanficiton wiki, you will find pages of fan fiction, put down like movies, with the 'movie' plot, cast lists, even sequels, but that's it. At most is a basic plot of a movie, like you would see on Wikipedia. I can't say that's not fan fiction, it qualifies as such, but...what's the point of reading the plot of a movie that doesn't exist? It's not just the Zilla fanon wiki, but OTHERS as well, everything is treated like something you can go out and watch, or find on the internet. I don't find this entertaining, I don't find a reason to care about the work, the story its characters, a quick read and I'm done. There is no journey, there are no characters to get to know or care about, there's nothing, just names for characters I won't see or even imagine.

Now I can't say I don't understand, not everyone is skilled at writting, or cares to write, but the idea of fan fiction is that you are righting a story, in someone else's universe or like many of our works, you're heavily borrowing elements from it. A plot summary isn't a story, it's the bare skeleton of a story, all the juicy delicious bits have been removed and all that is left is the bare essentials.

There are character pages, but often they have their entire story told in the history section and that's it. Perhaps this all just stems from my love of writing and fan fiction in general, because as I said before, you technically can't say there is anything not fan fiction about that practice. While it feels lackluster, there obviously was a certain amount of effort put into it.

Maybe I don't feel agitated by it all, maybe I just feel disappointed, that's what made me take my Kaiju Survival series from Zilla Fanon, to Ultra Fan, even adding Ultraman Soma instead of a generic Giant Hero. I would like to see some of these stories expanded upon, because not all are just generic monster movies, some show potential to be something interesting. So maybe, just maybe, these things aren't bad, but they can certainly do more.

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