Now last year, we on this wiki had a bit of controversy over User Maxpower's decision to put a lesbian relationship in his fan fiction, now this was a problem, not because any of us had severe objections to the practice. I myself am christian and while I do not support homosexual behaviors I also do not prescribe the stereotype of 'gay hating'. My first rule is 'do on to others as you would have done on to you', so I'm not going to sit here and dictate what people can and cannot put in their fan fictions to a letter.

The problem was that we here understood and expected that younger viewers would most likely be coming on to our website and looking at our material, therefore we all agreed that the material was not 'appropriate'. Now was Maxpower wrong in putting up something like that, not really it's his own choice what he writes on, but were we wrong in saying it wasn't appropriate, no we are looking out for the well being of younger reader/visitors on our site. What I have suggested to him is that he simply make the relationship something that is 'suggested' and older reader would pick up on it, but for a younger reader it would be above their radar and what were we are today.

Alright people, there are some more mature/grown writers on this wiki, who obviously are going to write from their grown up perspective. The thing now is that we should make our grown up material either accessible for younger readers or find a way to put an age restriction on said pages, or at least put a warning label on the top of the page.

Now may ask the question 'what is acceptable...?'


YOU CAN: Say a couple spent the night together and leave what happened to the reader's imagination or lack thereof.

YOU CANNOT: Go into detail about the act of intercourse

YOU CAN: Say STD and explain it comes from close/intimate physical contact

YOU CANNOT: Explain into detail how you get an STD.

YOU CAN: Cut someone off when they are about to curse or censor them

YOU CANNOT:... I really don't need to explain this again.

YOU CAN: Do like me and explain that Ultras reproduce my joining their essences together and storing it in the female's body

YOU CANNOT: Talk about Ultra sperm going onto an Ultra Egg, I mean what where you thinking? (You know who I am talking about)

YOU CAN: Have graphic deaths, so long as you don't go into all the gory details, this is reading not watching TV. Besides Ultras bleed Light not blood, also something like stab wounds or bullet wounds are acceptable cases were gore should be allowed since its minor.

YOU CANNOT: Go into detail about something, let's say a head exploding or disembowelment, monster deaths are a bit different however

YOU CAN: Have a mature relationship

YOU CANNOT: Go into detail about the couple getting it on

I think everyone gets the idea by now, basically we here on the Wiki respect freedom of speech and use of your imagination etc, we do however expect you to take responsibility for said Speech and Imagination. Basically, if you feel you have to put in something 'grown-up' or graphic, then either make it something hinted at or not shown in detail and I assure you fellow Users/writers, no one should complain about your work.

I personally look forward to Maxpower's series, all of them, as for that other... thing I mentioned, I'm a little apprehensive to the whole Idea. I put Ultra Reproduction in my page Anatomy of an Ultra (Orion Continuity) because at least one main character is pregnant in the story, so it made sense to explain how that happened, I took the care to make the method as 'kid friendly' as possible, putting 'Ultra' in front of words doesn't change the meaning of them...