Before we begin, no, these are not rules you 'MUST' follow, they are rules for a game if you so wish to play with fellow Wiki users.

Those roleplay operates on a few simple tenets, cooperation coordination and understanding. The intent is that after playing this game, you could write down your adventure as a web novel on the Wiki.

The premise is simple, you and your fellow Users, take on the roles of Cyber Ultramen. You are humans in cyberspace with avatar resembing Ultras and baring the form of Ultras. These 'avatars' can be actual Ultras from the series, Ultras from the Wiki (get permission first please), and one of three 'basic Ultras'

  • Red Ultra: Great Physical Strength, slower than the others, and take on more damage than the others
  • Blue Ultra: The fastest of the three, more likely to dodge attacks, can heal and use energy manipulation.
  • Yellow Ultra: Between Blue and Red in terms of physical ability, but they have the strongest beam attacks of the three and are more likely to use energy manipulation than Blues.

The idea, is that each session is a virtual reality game, where you the Users, play as Ultras of your liking.

Now for a session you need a few things.

  • A Game Master: The player who is in charge of what the monster does and enforces the rules and makes sure everyone plays fairly. If they want they can also control a characters. The group decides who fills this role.
  • A monster to fight: Kind of obvious. The Game Master has ultimate say over which and how many monsters they fight.
  • A location:
  • Decide time limit

The rules are simple:

  • Each user goes in turns, the order is determined by running or flying speed
  • Flying Characters, go  before grounded characters.
  • The base Ultras mentioned above go after named characters.
    • Blue goes before Yellow
    • Yellow goes before Red
    • Red, almost always goes last.
  • If two characters are tied for the next turn, flip a coin and/or have them alternate who goes before the other.
  • Also, remember that your character cannot dodge every blow, block every attack.

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