Here is some concept art from the Ultraman Story0 Manga, my hope is that your guys can sketch and then alter the images to create your own images for your Ultras etc.

Here are some tips when making your profil picture

  1. Before drawing your ultra, draw an outline of his general shape and posture. It may not be perfect but it will help make your Ultra look better and less... '2-D'.
  2. Add features such as the eyes, mouth and ears as well as the crest, since this is a full body shot, they don't have to be detailed, you can use that on a face image. You should also add the color timer at this stage.
  3. Add the other major features, such as protectors

Drawing a crest/Face picture. Note these tips are for the character facing the side.

  1. Draw a circle, this represents the top of the head
  2. Add in the lower jaw and connect the two as one object, also make soft lines to mark the positions of the eyes and ears. After this add in the eyes, ears and the mouth. Remember that since the face is looking the side, do not draw both eyes in the same way, the one on the side where your character is facing should be the as big, nor in the exact same shape. I'm sorry if I can't explain further.
  3. Now for the crest, first draw the front edge, whether it it points back or forward does not matter.
  4. Now comes a second line, a curve, from the bottom of the crest's edge to the back of the head and a third line connecting the top of the edge to the back of the second line. In theory you should now have a crest. Just erase any lines with in those three lines and the crest should be finished.

Drawing a rise scene. For this remember that you are looking down at your character coming up.

  1. First draw the face of your Ultra, then make on oval shape  around it, this is the body
  2. For the body make the front/bottom part cave in to show the chest. You can put on the color timer but remember you can't draw a circle because you are looking down at it.
  3. Other Limbs: Which ever arm(s) are pointing up should appear prograssively larger, the fists should be as large or larger than the head since they are closer to you. The feet, if you choose to show them, should appear to be getting smaller because they are further away, along with the other arm not pointing up.
  4. Effects: As for the particle effects, you can have rays or light streaming from behind the ultra, around them etc, it's your choice just remember that the body should seen as to be the in the center where everything is coming from.

For those now new to drawing, my advice is to first sketch the poses below, don't worry about feature's just draw the shapes of the Ultras until you get a firm grasp of how to draw their bodies on your own. Best of luck to all you aspiring artists.

Please remember that you when you are looking at the pictures you may want to click 'see full image' to actually see the entire picture due to the size.

Story O Concept Art

Other Art

Professional Art (Do not use any of this artist's Original Ultras for your own fan fictions it will be considered stealing)

To do List

  • Find more Rise images
  • Find more Images for human characters
  • Upload more images that you guy can use for bases in making your own Ultras

If anyone is interested, I hope these pictures help you in the future.

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