So I've started the page, for the series Trevolution, the thing the two poll blogs were for. now I would like some more...assistance.

Names, while I can thank Hoshino for the name, I also would like some more names.

I need ideas mainly for the villains, I can pull from older abandoned projects to fill in the blanks


  • Evil Overlord: A large dark figure, in dark armor and robes. Think Alien Empera and Khan Digifier from Gridman. he almost always appears via projection as a giant.
  • Evil Business Man: A lackey, a humanoid in a suit. He mainly sells weapons, for the Invasion Union to use.
  • Mad Scientist: A less imposing figure, this madman create mechanical horrors of science for the invasion union. His goal is to surpass Trevolution as the Ultimate Robot.
  • Space Witch: This sorceress uses what seems to be magic, to create biomechanical horrors. She also plots to overthrow the Overlord and seeks to learn why he is so interested in Trevolution.

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