I'm making this blog due to the numerous OP characters that seem to plague our Wiki and yes, I used the word 'plague' on purpose.

To every new user who wants to go and create the 'strongest, most powerful Ultra' don't especially if they are suppose to be a main character, especially if you're not going to do anything with them. This is also true, for villains

Our Origins

If you haven't noticed, then let me tell you, this Wiki isn't just for making up characters, it's for stories. Fans on the main Wiki had stories to tell, characters they imagined and want to share these things with others, but there was no place for them, so a user, Caster199/Gaia100 made this Wiki, and over time I was made Head Admin when he retired.

During that time, we've had Ultraman Orion, Ultraman Moedari and other series such as Sorta, Gamma, Reuz, One and many others, finished and still unfinished. They were journeys we've had fan crossovers and eventually a merged continuity that is its own and now what we (and 'we' I mean 'I')  like to called the Ultra Fan Multiverse.

Why is this relevant...?" Because more than likely...your OP character...has no place in it.

A Place in Continuity

There is perhaps no greater representation of our status as a 'comunity' than the Ultra Fan Multiverse. More or less confirmed in Dimensional Clash, created by the Heroes of Light story and explained in Ultraman Moedari. If you look deep enough you will notice...that there are already OP characters in there...and you're probably going to complain. Stop, just stop.

Characters like King, Orion, Lunaram, Father Lugeno, Moedari...they earned their place in the Continuity/Multiverse. Many didn't start out as Super Ultras, like Orion, King or Lugeno and slowly but surely earned that status as part of their personal journies. Others like Lugeno and King, serve a mentor role similar to Ultraman King and then there is Myth, who has his Super Ultra status temporarily revoked to make the story work.

Then you have the Moedari series, which touches on concepts and ideas, that are far above even my head (and I sat down and world-built the physics to explain Ultras, giant monsters, alien technology etc) that is such a work of creativity, imagination and writing skill I, who have often been called the best writer on the Wiki at this time, personally believe that title belongs to Stephan222 the creator of Moedari. The concepts, the scope of that series is so grand I feel their powerful status is deserved for the sake of the story.

That is not the case with a lot of OP characters created these days. Many are created just for the sake of it, they have no real stories around them and how could any credible story be made around such overpowered beings.It can be done, but not everyone is a Stephan222. You could call it the Superman problem...but when last I check, Supes is almost never so overpowered as some of our characters.

It is for this reason, for all the categories on this wiki, there are two that stick out and they aren't even official Canon and Non-Canon (no don't got and put those on). Things are either able to work within the multiverse of Wiki...or they are just left to the side to play by themselves.

Why Does any of this Matter

If you haven't figured it out yet...we don't want OP characters. Well to be more accurate, we don't want 'OP' characters, 'strong' characters are fine. What' the difference, I have a whole blog but to make a long story short, strong characters have context, and explanation to their power.

Think of it like this, the reason so many older Ultra Fans have issue with Ultraman because he's overpowered. During his introduction...he made older generations of Ultras...look weak and he gotten upgrade after upgrade.

Now take a 'strong Ultra' (that's not to call other Ultras weak, I just need an example) like Ultraseven X, that version of Seven, was known for one shotting his foes...but even so he was presented not as overpowered, but an extremely skilled warrior, and he was even shown having limits.

If you want to create an OP Ultra, go ahead, no one is going to stop you...but don't expect anyone to praise you either. Here we appreciate and celebrate imagination, and good story writing. These are things most OP Characters...just don't have, because it's easy, so very easy to make a character and say they can do anything. Perhaps, it's too easy...

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