Hey guys, SolZen here, I've made this blog to help new users to understand a few things about this site and help us all get along.


This is called Ultra Fan wiki for a reason, it is effectively a side community to the Ultraman Wiki which is often referred to as the "Main Wiki". That said this place is for Ultraman fan fiction but there are exceptions. For the fan fiction to be on here there are several types of heroes/main characters that your series can revolve around, that are expected from users.

  • A real Ultra: A fan fiction can revolve around an official Ultra and placed in your own continuity in a series or a stand alone piece.
  • Original Ultra: This is the type of hero most encouraged, Users can create their own Ultra to star in their own series.
  • Giant Hero: The hero doesn't have to be an Ultra altogether, but they should as least follow the Giant Hero genre, a human or human disguise that transforms into a giant to fight giant monsters
  • Pays tribute to Ultraman: If the main character doesn't follow the Giant Hero genre then the other alternative is to go the route of Ultraman 2011 and have the character and series pay reference to the Ultra series.

Fan Ultras Page

When the user is done staring their series, it is adviced the place a link and list of characters and terms on the Fan Ultras page. Now note that when you post your link that it should be posted at the bottom since it is first come, first served.

Hero pages Format

When creating your page here are something to remember about the expected format.

First should be an introduction and then an info box called Fan Ultra.

The next header should be the description if one is not good at drawing and/or has no intention of creating a picture. The first part should be about body features and characteristics, This should be followed the sub headings of Markings for the shape of and colors of the heroes markings if they are an Ultra and the heading Personality which is self explantory.

Then we have History, which is a back story.

Then comes Profile, Features and Techniques


  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Place of Origin:
  • And the various stats such as flight, running, swimming speed, jump distance and brawn etc.


This is for the Ultra various body features such as their color timer, beam lamp, special body features like Ultraman Orion's Heart Stone and Orion Lines or items like Ultraman Sorta's Elemental Bracelets. If the Heroe is not an Ultra a similar header like Body Mechanisms would be used.


Now if the character is not an Ultra then this would be powers and weapons. Basically this is for the Heroes powers but since Ultra powers are all catalogued on the main site, they use techniques to differentiate each Ultras unique abilities and attacks and we follow that format.


This is just for any small pieces of information about the character that may be interesting and/or amusing. Note that trivia is taken from a real world view point and not Universe though such things can be commented on. I.e you can comment on similarities your Ultra/heroe has with others or why you chose their powers, names etc.

Monster's/Aliens Format

Title: Your monster doesn't need to have a title, but its always fun.

A short description


  • Height:
  • Lenght: For four legged or similarly shaped monsters
  • Weight:
  • Origin: Where they come from

Powers and Abilites

Powers are a subsection of Stats not a seperate section.


It helps to give your monster/alien a backstory so you can remember what their motivations are and the plot of the episode they will appear in.


Same as with the Heroes page.

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