For new users, intent on creating their own new Ultra here are some tips for when creating your Ultra

Part 1 Basic Height and Weight

The general size of an Ultra is around...40 meters, which is rather irrelevant since Ultras can size change, but bare with me. I have noticed several traits when it comes to deciding the weight and they all seem to be based on the Ultra's heigh.

The first formula, is take the digits for your Ultra's height, in this case 40. Now if you want them to be average, then take of ten, and multiply the remaining number by 1000 to get a weight of around 30,000 tons. This is for your average Ultra Warrior, male or female (It's about  build)

The second formula is to subtract ten, and 1 and then multiply by a thousand to get 31,000 tons, same basic build.

The final one is for someone like Ultraman as he is generall portrayed now. Here it's for muscular, not large like Gorian (we'll get to him) but much more muscular than the average warrior. Here, you take of only 5 and multiply by a thousand, getting you 35,000

Part 2 Other Body Types

Let's go with a skinnier body type, this is for non combatants, or thinner Ultras in general. For this, I'm using Feng. At 40 meters, we take of 15, to get 25,000tons. Feng doesn't fight, unlike Luter, who has an Ultraman like physique if you check her stats, or her mother whose build is more in line with the average Ultra Warriror.

For large Ultras, the bodybuilders like Gorian, we do the opposite we've been doing all this time, we add. At 40 meters, an Ultra with Gorian's build would have 10 added to their height, for 50,000 tons, though considering the height of his crest it would be 10~15


These guidelines are not absolutes, but the more you stray out of them, the more people are going to raise eyebrows. So long as you don't do anything strange, or downright idiotic with their weight, you should be safe from scrutiny (look we may try to be a friendly welcoming environment, but the fact is...). Also it's more common for females to be a big lighter than males (though given we're talking about alien beings that can control their mass..meh)


They don't mean as much as you think. Granted, if you're trying to base your fiction of the Showa Universe, you should try to adhere to the rules of that place about colors but still. Agul is blue, buthe fights like a red Ultra (and this is before that color rule appeared in the lore) There's also Hikari, who was stronger/ a better fighter than Mebius, but then again Hikari was around the age of the older Ultra brother's and Mebius was 18 year old (Ultra strength is improved with age appearantly).

For starters...

Red = Physical Combat oriented

Blue = Speed and/or ESP

Gold = Super Ultra (it is advised you only use this for a final form...)

Mixed (red and blue) = Balanced

Those are the main rules for Colors and usually what people expect from colors especially alternate forms.

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