I wrote this blog because it has come to my attention that this Wiki needs to work on some things.

It is requested that you guys comment below if you have an issue you want to discuss.

Advice and tips

  • Magniverse: A term created by Stephan, from what I gather a Magniverse is it's own Omniverse, a collection of Multiverses. A Magniverse is a region of Multiverses within the Omniverse, it is how it is divided up like lines on a map.
  • What defines as an Ultra: Now there are many ways you can design an Ultra and their backstory but we should all agree on what an Ultra is and what it is not. I know this is not an issue now but in the future we have this hear.
    • Appearance: An Ultra's face should have the basic appearance of an Ultra, I know I don't need to go into detail, everyone using this wiki should know by now what consists of classical Ultra features. An Ultra can go the classic clean suit style, The Next's guyver like style or something from Another Genesis but the appearance of an Ultra is unmistakable.
    • Power: For an Ultra to be an Ultra their power must be heavily based on light, that can be a gross simiplification of their powers or like me you can go into detail, they are called 'giants of light' for a reason. If their power is not based on light, then even if they have the appearance they are not an Ultra. Of course there are exceptions to every rule like Ultraman Touch (a cyborg Ultraman)
    • Origins: Contrary to popular belief among fans, your Ultra does not have to come from the Land of Light, you can create your own Ultra Homeworld, there are several in the actual series, you could also not even name their home, several Ultras have unknown origins.
    • Signature Move: This isn't just limited to Ultras but all Giant Heroes and Heroes in General, all heroes have a signature move, with Ultras it is usually a beam but then Leo's signature move is his kick.

I am not finished with this...

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