For all you Minecraft players who so happen to be Ultraman fans, or just tokusatsu fans in general. I've got news for you.

Just in case you didn't read the title, someone has started a Minecraft Ultraman Mod. It's just started but so far I've seen images of Ultraman, King Joe and the always favourtie Zetton. To see for yourself click here.

>The best part is that he got some ideas from my previous blog post , which is quite the experience when I think about it. My ego aside, if you guys have any ideas, advice or just want to show some love and appreciation go on over to the forum post, or the blog post and say hi.


There has been an update for the mod. Originally there was only Ultraman, Zetton and King Joe.

Now, Jirass, Alien Baltan and Dada have been added

There are now weapons and armor. The SSSP's uniform and Super Gun have been added as well as the missile attachment used to kill Zetton. You can now get a Dada mask and Baltan Claw

Seven is coming

The next update for the mob will be featuring a new Ultra, Ultraseven! The mod creator already has a model for Ultraseven and asks any modelers who are able and willing to send in models for Seven Kaiju, particularly Eleking, baby Eleking and Pandon. That said, if you have other Kaiju models (No Godzilla models, there's already a mod for that...) then feel free to head send them to the mod creator.

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