Hey guys, I was just reading some comments on the Father of Darkness (FOD) page and saw a comment about New Alien Empera and how he would fare against him.

I read that comment and went to Empera's page and I found something that was very...OP, overpowered.

Now being the creator of Father of Darkness' page, you would think this was the kettle calling the Iron black, but... FOD is excused in being so OP. Now granted this is just my opinion, but I'm the head Admin, so I have some right to rant.

Note: Contrary to how it may seem, this has less to do with New Alien Empera and more with what he represents to me in terms of possibility.

Strong VS OverPowered

There is nothing wrong with a character being OP, well once you have a reasonable excuse why, and there is less need to explain why a character is 'strong', but it is all relative. This all goes back to my World Building blog and Logic. If you had a human character, you said he was a human character, completely human...and then have him beat up an Alien noted for having superhuman strength in a fist fight, with just his bare human strength...that's absurd. Why...? Because it makes no sense.

You know all those Chuck Norris fact jokes, you know the ones about him 'moving the Earth whenever he does push ups'? Those are jokes. When Superman, back in the day, was strong enough to just casually move a string of planets with a chain (that was a very strong chain!), even in that time period, is was somewhat silly. Goku, from DBZ is literally strong enough to bench press a planet, it's not absurd because there are other things in his universe that can fight on his level.

It's also not just physical strength. Many times in comic books some villians have been shown to be these masterminds who were responsible for all these events...and they don't explain how, they don't explain how they manipulated events, how they could have, given where they were. A prime example, Shockwave, in the Dreamwave Comics series, was somehow basically responsible for every major event, including a human general, on another planet, that he shouldn't have know about, deciding to betray the Autobots and reverse engineer cybertronian technology and no explanation was given how he could have done that.

An OP character is cool, but they generally have other characters that can fight them. An OP character is cool, but an OP villains, with seemingly godlike levels of power is just hard to believe, especially when no proper reason for their massive and sudden power boost.

Any villain that can easily defeat super Ultras, belongs in a special, like Meridas, who required a fusion super Ultra to defeat her, Minus, who has the Fan Mashup Ultras going after him, Father of Darkness, who fought the Heroes of Light and was killed by a power that shined across the Multiverse. They were strong, they were massive threats, but no suddenly has to be over super Ultras level of strength to defeat him (Agito was a fusion of Super Ultras, not a singular character). Take Zero, the idea that anyone short of Belial, Alien Empera, Hyper Zetton, or Dark Zagi could give him a proper fight, let alone defeat him is laughable. When he fought Alien Nackle and Black King with X, all pretense that he, they were in danger, was suddenly gone.

Alien Empera was around Father of Ultra's power level, which means that he rivaled Belial in terms of power. Since Zero could fight Belial one-on-one, when Zero got Shinning form and was upgraded... New Alien Empera looks strong enough to overpower Ultraman King, Noa and Legend, now that is overpowered.

Strength with Context

In the Orion series, there were characters that were strong, but their strength has context.

The Ultra Trio, are the three strongest Ultras of any planet. You know they are strong from a combination of long years and fighting experience. Anyone should have guessed this.

Dark Zoe, destroyed the ecosystems of entire planets and feed of the energy to supliment her own. You know why she was so strong. At her height, she was Zagi levels of power.

Orion Insanity Mode: His unique nature enhanced Orion's body that he could overpower the Ultra Trio. He was however, not a threat to King, a Super Ultra

Orion Madness: A copy of Orion Insanity Mode, but powered by the presence of all the Kaiju and evil aliens in the universe. This cosmic power source put him on King's Level.

Meridas: She was a member of a species that lived in Hyperspace, the medium in which the Multiverse dwells.

Minus: He had a the Light of Chaos, a power that shouldn't exist and was empowered by vast amounts of Minus energy

Now the problem with New Alien Empera: He was dead, as his essence went to the Monster Graveyard a wormhole sent him to another dimension, where he was rebuilt...because. That aside (It's really not that important to my point), even if the Wormhole trip, rebuilt his body (which breaks more laws of physics then I know) doesn't explain why he suddenly got so strong, The connection between his history and his current strength level, just isn't there, it just doesn't make sense and even in universe I'm not finding anything that would make sense for his situation.

This is not something limited to us fans, even the official series has had this problem (Cough Zero, cough, cough, cough, everyone getting 'glitter mode' ripoff at the end of the Ginga S move, cough, cough, just to destroy a castle, cough, cough)

In the Moedari series, there were characters who could defeat a normal Super Ultra (final/Ultimate form). These were characters fighting a threat to the Multiverse even so, their level of power is warranted. But such power, being resigned to just threatening one Universe, is a waste of potential in my opinion.

Super Ultras and their place in the order of things

It seems that the relevance of Super Ultras is dying on this site it seems everyone wants to make their Ultra a Super Ultra. It seems it's gone the way of Super Saiyan. Once it was a thing of legend, something special, now there's a Super Saiyan for every day of the week.

Super Ultras are not just the final stage of an Ultra, they represent going beyond the limits of Ultras, because Ultras do have limits as powerful as they seem. Super Ultras represent the line in the sand where 'Very Strong' ends and 'Overpowered' begins. It is why enemies so strong that they appear are considered overpowered. Prime example, Zagi and Gatanozoa, both characters with the title of God of Destruction. So if they are overpowered, what does that say about the guy that can easily defeat Super Ultras? You see my point.

I had a page about Super Ultras, I had Super Ultras (Finale Forms) and True Super Ultras (Operate on a multiversal level, capable of miraculous things) New Alien Empera is on the level of True Super Ultra, who are the guys who would normally fight Multiverse level threats.

Final Words

In truth, there is nothing really wrong with having OP characters, they can be entertaining, if done right and that is not the easiest thing to do. Super powerful, does not mean super entertaining. This is especially true when your audience cannot accept the logic, or lack thereof as to why your character is so strong. With an OP character, you would need, a reason for him being so strong, strong opponents, and the logic behind such strong opponents appearing.

DBZ: Its universe is one where 'OP' characters just exist

Moedari: Has OP characters with the stakes so high that their existence is warranted.

Orion: Has OP characters, with a clear and easily picked up logic as to why they exist.

True Super Ultras: Like Noa or Legend, they are living miracles, for lack of a better description.

If you want to make an OP character, then please people, have a sensible reason for them existing.

This kind of lack of logic, is why Fan Fiction is given the reputation it has and I take pride in Ultra Fan's stories and characters having so much thought put into them.

To the creator of New Alien Empera, this is not a stab at you or an intent to belittle your work, I simply take how this Wiki is going to progress very seriously and I'm trying to nip a possible problem in the bud. If you were insulted, I'm sorry but that was a necesarry evil. I hope new Moebius is a great series, we can never have enough of those, but I think it may need some revisiting in some of its aspects.

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