No doubt many of you are aware of what I am talking about. Now on the old Wiki, it came to my attention that several people were harassing Aldo due to said controversy. He is a tokupedia Admin on several of their sites. Let me be clear, if Aldo or any other member of the Tokupedia Hub comes on this site I expect you lot to treat them like any other user.

There was a lot of negativity that I and other Admins unfortunately missed and were unable to stop from growing and I do not want such a thing to spread here. We are effectively the sister Wiki of Ultra Wiki and we will support them, but that Quarrel was between the higher Admins of our Wiki and SOME from Tokupedia Hub. We other Admins were unaware of it, we basically woke up one morning and found that there was a war and we missed it and from what I gather it's the same on the other side.

Now if any of the users or Admins from Tokupedia decide to come on this site, they are welcome as long as they follow the rules like everyone else. Anyone I or any other admin catches harassing them with be punished. If you find that they have done something wrong, then alter them to their mistake. After that if they refuse to change, then you call us and we will deal with the problem. People that have been blocked on the Ultra Fan Wiki can obviously come here, but they are expected to follow the rules.

Here on Ultra Fan I like to describe us as democratic regime. We Admins do not HAVE to listen to the every day users' opinions but we do in the name of fairness and community and we expect that you guys act on those principles.

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