Recently, Zombie and I got into some franchises know for being...scary (or absolutely horrifying) and for whatever reason I was not able to ask this on the Live Chat, 'which is scarier Lovecraft of Warhammer?'

So I decided not just to ask Zombie but the entire Community and to do what I always do...make a top 5 list. Why top five...? Because I'm too lazy to bother with ten...

Now the rules, franchises/series/movies based around one monster or villain, do not qualify. Why? Because it's just that one monster and you're not really likely to run into them when you stop and think about it...

And if you are mistaken, this is the Top 5 Continuities I do not want to live in...

Number 5

AVP- Alien Versus Predator Universe

Now this barely makes the list as it's about 'two' monsters, instead of just one. Regardless this is a universe I wouldn't want to live in. Why...most of the tech looks like it's from the eighties, and you have a species of aggressive hunters who may rip your spine out your backside, and another species that reproduces by orally assaulting you, and then whose offspring is born, by burrowing its way out...of...your...chest...

However, the reason this is so low on the list...the average person isn't that likely to encounter any of them... Yeah I know there are the comics and what not...but I don't care and they really aren't that concern with canon...

Number 4

Marvel/DC Universe

Now many of who are probably wondering why I wouldn't want to live in a world of super heroes... to which I saw, why would 'you'? Think about it, demons, alien invasion, super human brawls happening anywhere and when, evil wizards, rampaging robots, lovecraftian horrors, and absurd crime rates, even more absurd with superheroes flying about...

Why would you want to live in one of these worlds? Yeah, there are superheroes, but considering events like Civil War, Avengers Vs X-men and heaven forbid, the Ultimate Marvel would suck knowing any every possible BS could happen at any given time!

Number 3

Lovecraft/Cthulhu Mythos

Now most are probably wondering why this isn't higher...and to those that don't know what this series is (you plebeian troglodytes you...), you know the term Eldritch know the term that describes Void Eye and Metaverse Zombiejiger's true form, well H.P Lovecraft was the author who effectively invented the idea.

Now...why is this so low on the's not that easy to find these things. Yeah, there is that doomsday prophecy with Cthulhu, but most everything else, normally lives in another dimension, dwells in the backwater parts of the world where few tread, or have to be called. And the few who skirt these three groups or don't qualify...don't stay or visit that much. You usually have to go out of your way to meet these creatures...usually...

Number 2


It is at this point that Zombie is probably wonder what the heck is number one if Warhammer isn't the top pick for me, but hey suprises...

Now where to start with Warhammer, and let's be honest it's doesn't really matter which one Fantasy or 40K (Sci-Fi) but much of my point will be using 40k, why...? Because in 40k when you want to travel to another solar system...IT'S A LITERALY SHORTCUT THROUGH HELL! Let's see what other reasons why I don't want to live there.

  • Orks, Giant green murderous aliens, who reproduce literally like a plague and who are only interested in killing things
  • Of you have psychic potential your options are
    • Be possessed by a demon
      • Oh, yes demonic possession is a scientifically confirmed thing in this universe which part of the reason the government is controlled good deal by religious zealots and extremists (the bastards are so crazy I had to use both words to make point that they come in two major flavors of crazy). The 'best' part, they come in all sorts of flavors!
    • Get shipped of to Earth to be used as a human sacrifice/living battery for an FTL light house/ life support system that keeps the Imperium's infrastructure going
    • Undergo harsh training that make kill you or, if you fail, be sent to the prior options
    • Become a Grey Knight, harsh training that...well look above.
  • Life for the average person is a faschist nightmare. You are options for escape are...
    • Join the Imperial Guard, whose main strategy is...throw enough corpses to solve the problem!
    • Or be asked to Join the Space Marines while you are young, grueling harsh training...that may kill you, and undergo high invasive surgery...that may kill you.
  • Every ecosystem seems design by the devil
  • Tyranids...because who needs Xenomorphs when you have Xenomorphs on crack that come in a variety of forms, some of which of plasma casters grafted to their body, and can turn invisible...(who needs Predators...) and have GIANT SCYTHES FOR HANDS, and also can inject your DNA, converting you and mutating your offspring into brainwashed hybrid abomination who start a cult dedicated to bringing down your planet's defenses and turn them into a banquet for these bugs....


Number 1


Now why is a tokusatsu series at the top of the list as opposed to the Lovecraft Mythos, or Warhammer? The answer, simply put...everything is unexpected...

For the average person in Garo, life goes as normal, but suddenly they could be possessed by a demon and turned into a monster, a prisoner in their own body if their soul isn't gone in the process, or they could end up the victim of one of these things. Yes, the Makai Knights try to help and they do help...but...this isn't like Lovecraft where you may have to go out of your way to encounter these things, and they are like Warhammer with Psychic attracting their attention...but you don't have to be psychic...all you need is bad luck and pick up an object with a dark and sordid past and do the wrong thing and the wrong time and you have a Horror.

These aren't just distant monsters waiting for mankind to stumble into their lair...they are basically spawned from mankind's worse impulses and come through via our trinkets, items and actions.

Honestly, this universe is the scariest to me, because it's people actively, though unintentionally, making monsters.

Final Words

So, what are the five scariest continuities/series/worlds in your opion, what five worlds do you reaaaaaallllly don't want to live?

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