I originally going to just add this to Zenon's page, but I decided to expand it for anyone that comes after him.

Now, some people (and by some people I mean that one guy) are perhaps a bit confused as to why they cannot get a Titan Prince character in metaverse, or allow their character to OP. 

Well firstly

OP is Relative

Now, forget the rules of OP characters I stated before, that's taking them out of context. The reason Titan Prince are not OP and OP Parody Charcters are just because OP is relative. With the Titan Princes, their power is matched and countered by each other, each with different and sometimes contradictory goals. There is no clear superiority between them. Sol may order around Akreious and Necrobane, but that's because they respect him...and because he knows how to manipulate them, but aside the point.

Zero is overpowered, because he is shown to basically outmatch every other Ultra, even the newer ones, defeating a foe like Belial, who with his battlenizer, was able to beat even Father of Ultra (though my opinion still stands and he did it with a cheap shot).

Now lets look at characters like Star Grim Reaper Zenon, a character with a rather absurd name (not that, that's the real issue, just saying). The guy can, and I quote, "shoots a ray that can destroy 1 trillion universes with less effort", "him invincible for unlimited time" and "summons a barrier that is unbreakable". Now bad grammar aside, this guy can destroy an uncountable number of universes with as much effort as I use to move my pinky, create a shield that is theoretically indestructible, and make himself 'invincible' for an 'unlimited' time period.

Now, let us be conservative with the power of Titan Princes. Let us say each Prince has only the power of a single universe (I said I'm being conservative) because in Lore, that is their general weakest when operating normally. By that logic Star Grim could one shot all of them. That's basically saying a character can one shot an entire Pantheon. Now let's be less conservative, and think about the level of abilities the Princes have and the level they operate on. They don't just operate on a mutlitversal level, they operate on a multiversal time line level (which I'm not going to bother explaining) thus, Star Grim basically rivals them. However, he has none of their discretion. So here we have a character that depending on your view point, should either outmatch what are fundamentally the gods of this continuity, or rival them, but have none of their rules holding him back.

This character would completely offset the balance of the lore even without Void Eye who is stronger than everyone because....'f--k you that's why!' For this character to be viable for the lore, the entire lore would have to be redesigned from the ground up to deal with that level of power. Which we are not going to do, so no. This is why characters cannot be as strong, or stronger than the Prince.

What having a Titan Prince means

In the lore, the Titan Princes predate the Titans, but in reality, I just made the Princes on a whim because 'it felt cool', yet while they are just a power fantasy, Metaverse is a shared power fantasy, and I realized these characters needed a balance, for that they have each other and their different goals and designs and Void Eye, who is the 'nope' to anyone who thinks they are the strongest in this lore.

However, only certain people have been 'given' Titan Princes. They did not just suddenly come in and decided they would be one (gives a look to a certain someone), I asked if they wanted one and I gave them one and they edited it as they see fit.

Now the question is probably being asked , why them and not others. The answer is simple...I don't respect the others, at least not on the same level as 'them'. Titan Princes are less, just power fantasies, and more badges of honor in this small little community of ours. If I gave you one, you are either an admin (which is another symbol of respect) or I think your standing in this community warrants this badge of office as a First Among Equals. 

Some, who I think deserve one, but have never been asked, are those I don't think would want one, like Hoshi. He could have one, when ever he likes, I just know he doesn't want one. Others are the younger users, and their youth shows. I have seen growth in them, maturity and such, but they are still the youths of this Wiki. More than likely I may give their Titan Characters some impressive lore, or something.

I respect the users who have Prince characters so much, they could go and create their own lore for the series, I trust them...sometimes against my better judgement (looks at that stupid virus page) and they have done such.

Why You can't just Have a Titan Prince

In short, a Titan Prince character is something earned, not given, or taken at your leisure.

If you can't understand what OP means after all of that...well I think you qualify as an idiot, but I do feel morally obligated to throw you a bone. You know your character is OP and therefore and issue...when you make practically unbeatable by normal means, or outmatch everyone around them. For something more concrete, take a look at The Rules of OP Characters, the link should be on the front page.

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