Haven't done one of these in a while and how interesting, instead of me spouting what I know about writing, this is spawns from events on this very Wiki!

We've had several crossovers on this Wiki, at the moment I think I hold the record, with Cross Dimension Class, the Alpha and Orion Crossover and the Gamma and Orion crossover and the Darkness War (Which I still need to finish!), and the Fan Masshup (which for the sake of my sanity I decided to not to be the head writer...I'm beginning to worry about Stephan...)

Yet, I've noted that not all of these have gone smoothly. A crossover in fanon is not easy, it involves, often times, the clashing of two minds, often at different levels of writing skills and desires. So for those, who plan to do crossovers in the future, here are some tips from my the form of a list.

Number 1: Patience

Guys, a lot of users operate in Time Zone, some have a lot of free time, others don't (and some can switch situations at a moment's notice). Sometimes it's as simple as writer's block, other times its as complicated as the death of a family member, depression or work.

So in the name of sanity and frienships, be patient. Give a friendly reminder or such, or ask if to continue on, being an intrusive crybaby doesn't help.

Number 2: Your character is not the star

Truth be told, I think I'm guilty of this, and I do try actively to not do it, but sometimes it's hard because you don't realize it but, in a cross over, your character may be a main character but he is not "the" main character. Sometimes you just write and make it that your character is the hero, the only one who can defeat the big evil, the only competent fighter, the smartest individual, which is fine...back in your series, but in a crossover, the point is that ALL heroes present are needed to defeat the villain(s), even if not literally, that is generally how it's suppose to go.

Number 3: Get your facts straight first

While it is possible to go into a crossover with no idea how it is to end, it generally helps if you and you co-writer, at some point in time, stop, sit down and decide a begining, middle and end. Even just the Beginning and End could do.

This is to stop arguements in the future about how things should go, where they should go and etc.

Number 4: Write down a personality

That's not a simple suggestion, for anyone planning to have a character in a crossover, it's an order. This is especially important if you're not the main writer of the piece. Why? Because no one has the patience, nor should they have to read through your entire series to figure out how to write your character! It's especially worse for short and incomplete series, which don't even have enough material for that.

If you want to write someone else's character competently, this is going to be extremely helpful in writing them competently

Number 5: Read up on other characters

Poeple have praised me on my writing of other people's characters (or that is just my imagination and ego working together to screw me over...who cares) because I've written the characters of other users, with my usual style of combat scenes (which appearantly I am most known for) yet, said characters use their own techniques, not one's I made up for them.

This is because, during every fight scene I have with someone else's character...I go open their page on another tab and switch back on forth as I plan the scene. Reading up on the character is using is also important for writing them properly, it's hard to characterize them when you don't know their proper personality, which I at times had to improvise with and hope the user isn't offended by.

Number 6: Under the stand the amount of faith people put in you

When someone gives you their character to work with, it is an act of faith. Said character maybe fictional, but a lot of time and care went into making them. It may not have been your time and care, but it was someone, and few things are more insulting than all of that being disregarded.

In Ultraman Alpha and Orion, Clee26 (normally I don't like to call name, but in this situation it's obvious who I'm talking about) wrote an instance where Orion cursed. Of course it was censored...but I didn't allow it because that's not Orion, Orion would never talk like that. That was him writing him how he would write his own character Alpha. He brought to me an instance where Orion did curse, which was a situation in the Machine Wars when he was literally going mad with rage and hate.

The point of this story is this: people don't like when you muck up their characters. No true content creator cares nothing for their creation. You cannot write all characters the same, and if you don't have the ability (and you know if you dont) to write the main characters as different people, you really shouldn't be the writer for the crossover.

Final Words

That's all for now and I hope this helps you guys with your future crossovers.

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